10 Best Shows Like Yellowstone

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yellowstone park Fresh off its fifth season, it’s clear that this new Western family drama still contains many of the elements that made Paramount+ such a success. It deftly blends traditional Western conventions with the contours of family melodrama, giving it a feel that’s both ancient and new.

While it’s fun in its own way, it also has a lot in common with many other shows from the past and present.These similar series explore some of the same key themes, such as family and Western nature, which are embedded in yellowstone park Narrative.


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For many, deadwood is one of HBO’s best series. Centered around the titular town, it’s a bit of a revisionist Western that explores the darker side of the mythology of the American West.

like yellowstone park, which pulls no punches in its depiction of the West. It’s a grimy and grim place, especially creative in its use of profanity. Most importantly, it’s the story of how the West transformed from a mining camp into a full-fledged town and city.


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What’s remarkable about the Western as a genre is its adaptability and its ability to absorb other yellowstone park Incorporating family drama, Longmire Incorporate elements of the crime genre into the story.

In this case, the show focuses on a Wyoming police lieutenant who investigates a number of cases. In addition to providing insight into the show’s various characters, their lives, and motivations, the series also showcases just how beautiful and rugged the American West was.

Gunsmoke (1955-1975)

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Although it focuses on one family’s various struggles, yellowstone park It’s also about the nature of the American West.In this sense, it is related to smoke of gunpowderarguably one of the best TV series of all time.

The show, set in Dodge City, ran for more than two decades, thanks in large part to the appeal of lead character Matt Dillon. Matt Dillon is a U.S. Marshal whose sense of honor and fair play are two of his most notable traits. This is a Western series that is both up to date and very entertaining.

Succession (2018 to present)

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Those who enjoy the family drama aspect yellowstone park You will definitely find a lot of things that make them happy succession, one of HBO’s best series. Focusing on the Roy family – whose patriarch, media mogul Logan Roy is trying to decide which of his children should inherit his company – it’s both a dark comedy and a searing drama.

It also features some very energetic performances from Brian Cox, Kieran Culkin and others. It’s an entertaining and often disturbing look at the foibles of the powerful and wealthy.

1883 (2021-2022)

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One of the most extraordinary things about the series yellowstone park is the extent to which it spawned its own television universe.For those who want to better understand this particular shared universe, they should definitely watch 1883this is the prequel yellowstone park.

The series focuses specifically on James and Margaret Dutton, the great-grandparents of John Dutton III (the protagonist of the main series). It has all the elements one would want from a Western of this type, plus a great performance from Sam Elliott, arguably one of the Hollywood stars most associated with the genre.


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westworld is a wonderful interpretation of traditional Western stories, like yellowstone park, one of the clearest signs that the genre still has a lot to offer contemporary audiences. The first few seasons, especially, are a rich exploration of the idea of ​​a Western, as much of the action takes place in a Wild West theme park filled with robots.

Of course, the series is more than just an exploration of the Western genre. It’s also one of a series that asks tough questions about the nature of human consciousness, asking viewers to think about what separates humans from robots.


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Those who like family businesses yellowstone park You will also find many places worth savoring Ozarkis one of the best series to come out of Netflix. The story focuses on the Byrdes, Marty and Wendy, who escape to the Ozarks and begin working for the cartel, detailing their slow efforts to curry favor with the local power structure while remaining loyal to their cartel overlords .

Tightly plotted and brutally shot, this crime series has the ability to make viewers care about its characters, even when they do terrible things. And, more importantly, it also manages to have an ending that’s both satisfying and disturbing.

Hatfield and McCoy (2012)

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Conflict is of course at the core yellowstone park, both within their nuclear family and with other families living in the area. As its title suggests, hatfield and mackos is a series about one of the most famous inter-family conflicts in American history, which means it’s perfect for those who like yellowstone park.

In particular, the show has a very strong cast and very successfully transcends the sensational and goes deep into the hearts of these historical figures. What’s more, it doesn’t shy away from violence, and at times the audience does feel like they’re witnessing history in action.

Rutherford Falls (2021-2022)

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Although it is a sitcom, there is still a lot worth exploring Rutherford Falls This will make it attractive to fans yellowstone park. Like the Western series, Rutherford Falls Told about the conflict between Native Americans and whites, it pays particular attention to how America’s colonial past continues to haunt the present.

That’s not to say the series isn’t funny, as it never loses sight of the fact that it’s supposed to entertain its audience. It also features stellar performances from Ed Helms, Michael Greyeyes and Jana Schmieding, among others.

Under the Flag of Heaven(2022)

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under the banner of heaven is one of the best true crime dramas of 2022, starring Andrew Garfield’s dynamic performance as Jeb Pyre, a Mormon detective who Must face the reality that members of his own faith are capable of committing religiously motivated (and somewhat ritualistic) murders.

Its American West setting makes it an ideal watch for fans yellowstone park. Just as importantly, it also includes an exploration of the liminal spaces that those who belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints often occupy within the United States.

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