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If there are two themes that continue to have a strong influence on American television, it is drugs and crime. These two social and cultural phenomena provide a great deal of fodder for the creative imagination, as can be seen in the various series that focus on either (and sometimes both).

series snow is one of those series that focuses specifically on the crack cocaine epidemic of the 1980s and how it fundamentally reshaped the culture of Los Angeles.

The Godfather of Harlem (2019- ) Live on Hulu

Considered by many to be one of the best actors of his generation, Forrest Whitaker has played many brilliant roles. One of his most famous works is the series harlem’s godfatherfocuses on the real-life image of Bumpy Johnson, who is trying to regain control of his community after serving time in prison.

alike snow, The series examines how drugs have affected the entire culture of Los Angeles, examining how a changing culture forces the likes of Johnson to forge political alliances – including alliances with Malcolm X – leading to growing insecurity in his community. of social unrest.

The Wire (2002 – 2008) airs on HBO Max

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wire Considered one of the best HBO movies of all time. A stinging look at the city of Baltimore and the various institutions that make it work (or not), it’s as much a crime movie as it is a piece of work.

Because its cast isn’t particularly popular at the beginning of the episode, it has strong realism and gives viewers a sense of the specific mechanics that make modern cities work. snow Because it takes a similarly expansive view of how all the different agencies in a given city have to deal with social problems, including drugs.

When They See Us (2019) on Netflix

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Ava DuVernay is one of those directors who has received near-universal acclaim in Hollywood, proving time and time again that she knows how to make films that are both dramatic and powerfully social commentary. .

when they see us is considered one of her greatest triumphs, as it centers on the Central Park Five, a group of young men unjustly accused of rape. It is a powerful indictment of a criminal justice system that readily persecutes and imprisons people of color. snow provides a poignant (but sometimes oddly nostalgic) look at the 1980s and its specific context, so when they see us Also, in an unflattering way, it’s revealed that the period was a time of rampant crime, often resulting in innocent people being unjustly victimized.

Breaking Bad (2008 – 2013) streamed on Netflix

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Few series can be compared break Bad, showing how powerful villains are in American popular culture. To this day, Walter White, the chemistry teacher who became a powerful drugmaker and drug lord, is a prime example of this character.

However, the film works well because it skillfully immerses the audience in a sinister world that Walter cannot cope with the darkness in his soul. This movie is especially appealing to fans snow Because it manages to do two things at once, it not only showcases the dark but fascinating personality of Walter White, but also demonstrates the dangerous mechanisms and systems that govern the illegal drug trade. .

Black Soka (2017 – ) streaming on Netflix

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Although not yet received Break, Ozark, However, several similar platforms are covered. It focuses on Byrdes, a couple who find themselves embroiled in the dark, cruel, and dangerous world of drug trafficking and money laundering.

Both Jason Bateman and Laura Linney perform wonderfully as a married couple, allowing the audience to see that they are complex people even as they are forced to make terrible decisions and commit brutal crimes, but they do everything in their power to survive. snow Shows how easy it is to slowly get drawn into the cruel world of drugs – and the people who traffic them – so Ozark Let’s do something similar by showing how heartless ordinary people seem when faced with the life-or-death consequences of their actions.

Talon (2017 – 2022) Live on Hulu

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Traditionally, in crime movies, men get the most attention. An exception to this rule is the series clawswhich, as the title slyly suggests, centers on a group of manicurists involved in money laundering and gradually becoming more and more powerful.

The film has a lighthearted feel rather than just a hint of humor, and there’s no doubt that Niecy Nash’s presence and the film’s deft production values ​​make it stand out in the crowd. this genre. not for money and power – and sometimes the consequences of their actions – this should be especially for those who enjoy that aspect snow.

Narcos (2015 – 2017) Streaming on Netflix

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As the title suggests, drug lord Very interested in the world of drugs and organized crime. In this case, it focuses specifically on Pablo Escobar, who is known as one of the most powerful and ruthless drug lords in the world.

It is driven by a strong story that never loses its drama, but it must be said that it does not have many particularly sympathetic characters. However, it has some very strong performances by talented actors like Wagner Mora and Pedro Pascal. What makes the series so compelling — and part of why it should be a fan favorite snow — is how it shows the different aspects and consequences of the drug trade. Furthermore, it is also dedicated to cocaine, with the same focus as the FX series.

Weeds (2005 – 2012) streaming on Hulu

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alike claws allowing women to take center stage in stories of organized crime, weed do something similar. In this case, however, it focuses on a mother, played by Mary Louise Parker, who turns to the cannabis trade to support her family.

Although it has a similar story break Bad, it’s much lighter in material, it’s like a TV series as well as a dark comedy. It certainly deserves its reputation as one of Showtime’s best series. Parker’s Nancy Botwin may be an unbelievable drug dealer, but this series — like Snow– Shows how easy it is to slowly but steadily engage in darker, more sinister illegal activities the longer one stays in the business.

American Crime (2015-2017) Live on Hulu

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American crime It is considered one of the best anthology series of the 2010s. It focuses on a different character and a different setting each season, but each time it seeks to delve into the psychology and society of America, exploring issues surrounding race, violence, and crime.

Furthermore, it has a very strong and talented cast, with Felicity Hoffman, Timothy Hutton and Regina King all appearing several times. Despite the uneven plot, it is still a trendy social drama. snow, It also takes a strong approach to its material, casting a very harsh light on some of the most sinister and sinister aspects of the American psyche, and although the characters in both films can sometimes not be very sympathetic, but they are still attractive watches.

Boardwalk Empire (2010 – 2014) streamed on HBO Max

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Along with drug lords, gangsters are among the oldest figures in American popular culture. Boardwalk EmpireThe gang boss is none other than Nucky Thompson, who ran a criminal enterprise during Prohibition.

Based on real historical figures, the role is one of Steve Buscemi’s best and he brings his signature charm to the role. Furthermore, the series illuminates one of the most important periods in American criminal history. both snow And lifebuoy Empire Presenting the image of crime bosses, no matter what illegal activities they engage in, continues to create strong appeal and make TV series interesting.

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