6 lợi ích tuyệt vời của rau răm đối với sức khỏe

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Laksa leaves have a comforting effect on many people. So, what is the effect? ​​Please read the following article below.

Vietnamese coriander is a very popular herb in the daily menu of Vietnamese people. Not only is it delicious, but Vietnamese coriander is also known as a healthy vegetable. So what does RAM do?

General information about Vietnamese coriander

In Oriental medicine, coriander is a medicine that has anti-inflammatory effects, reduces gas, stimulates digestion, eliminates wind and cold, and activates blood to eliminate toxins.

Vietnamese coriander is used with both leaves and plants, alone or in combination with other locations. Can be used fresh or dried, extracted raw for drinking water, and sedimented. Use not sharp. Ram vegetables are not toxic.

6 lợi ích tuyệt vời của rau răm đối với sức khỏe 16 lợi ích tuyệt vời của rau răm đối với sức khỏe 2What effect does coriander have on the comfort of many people?

What are the effects of ram vegetables?

Below are the great health benefits of coriander

AIDS digestion

The hot nature of the vegetable helps provide strong metabolism, aids in treating and reducing digestive problems such as flatulence or bloating.

How to make: Take a handful of laksa leaves, wash them and spread them into liquid to drink. The remaining residue is used to soothe the surrounding area. After a period of time, you will see the opportunity for positive changes.

Adjustment cluster

Vietnamese coriander is considered very helpful in treating colds, one of the ideal solutions for people with colds.

How to make: naturally grind laksa leaves, pound them with raw meat, a little clean water, then filter and make a medicine.

There are valuable pink activities

Vietnamese coriander also has the effect of treating ringing in the fingers and toes. This type of pinkness is the result of leaving the foot in contact with the wound for a long time.

In addition, pinkness can also happen to people who have to wear shoes all day, especially office workers.

Directions: Clean up the leaves; Pour the ingredients to apply on the injured area. Or you can also use the residue to cover it up. And remember to never subject the wound to further water stress.

Treatment of purple, deep wounds

Laksa leaves have the effect of treating and relieving pain for bruised and delicate wounds.

How to make: Clean up a smell of coriander. Grind it finely together with the long brain, then soothe the wound and try to identify the wound with a clean bandage.

Supports skin problems

In addition to the above benefits, coriander is also a herb that is very good for skin care. Due to its anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects, it is considered a great natural method to remove pimples as well as tighten pores.

How to make: Crush a handful of washed laksa leaves, then mix with a little salt. For pimples, take the residue and fix it. You should change your sadness once a day.

Treatment of tinea versicolor in infants

Laksa leaves have great effects in treating tinea versicolor in infants.

How to make: Crush coriander leaves and add a little wine. Then, use cotton to gently and evenly apply it to the areas of skin affected by tinea versicolor. Wipe skin clean after about 5 minutes. Apply this treatment 2 or 3 times daily for best results.

Vietnamese coriander has very practical applications in everyday life. Therefore, every family should plant a small patch in the garden near water. When needed, have it immediately for use.

Above is the information that you definitely have the answer to the question “What are the effects of coriander?” then right? Hope this information is useful to readers.

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