8 Creative Content Ideas for Authors on TikTok

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Looking to break into BookTok? Try these content ideas.

When it comes to marketing yourself as an author, social media can be the most fun and effective tool. TikTok is especially useful for building a loyal following, but you have to be meticulous about what you post if you want to be successful.


We’ll discuss creative content ideas and tips for TikTok authors to help you get started. They can establish your creative and book brand as well as your personality. As viewers engage with your posts and profile, your popularity on the platform will increase.

1. Introduce yourself and your background

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You’ve weighed the pros and cons of signing up for TikTok and decided it’s worth a try. But don’t rush. Take some time to learn how social apps work.

To get started, go down the rabbit hole for yourself and learn what to avoid with your brand. Then, jot down fun TikTok content ideas for creators, get more insights from TikTok authors with thousands of likes, explore available tools, and start planning Plan your own content.

A good post to kick off your launch on TikTok is an intro video, ideally no longer than 60 seconds. Showing your face and speaking directly to your audience will build rapport faster, but you can only use images, text, and music or voice to communicate what you want.

Tell your viewers who you are, what you’ve written, and what you plan to offer through your TikTok. You can share more details, such as your website and other social networks you use, but don’t make the video too complicated. Expect short attention spans on TikTok.

2. Content about your book

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The next essential and creative content idea you should try as a TikTok author is a series of posts with details about your publications, whether they are books, short stories, poetry or something else.

Tell your audience about the genre you specialize in and what inspired you to start writing. Talk about your universe and characters, from their backgrounds and physical characteristics to their key quotes. Explain which topic motivates you most and why.

As you come up with more and more book promotion ideas, consider the best ways to use hashtags on TikTok. For example, always use #booktok to ensure your videos reach the platform’s huge literary community. Find other popular tags related to your books, your brand, and the purpose of each post. Bookmark hashtags so you don’t miss a beat.

3. Content about your creative writing process

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In addition to readers, your profile may be of interest to fellow writers, so don’t forget to connect with them. In fact, the most effective content from authors on TikTok is to educate and inspire.

Feel free to share techniques and tools that help you plan your plot, enrich your characters, edit your book, and overcome writer’s block. Be honest about the benefits and obstacles you encounter and how you address them. Use humor and good communication to resonate with a wide audience.

From there, you can get as technical as you want. If you use software that creatives might love, such as Canva or Scrivener, create tutorials about them. If you’re an expert on the narrative structure or history of your chosen genre, why not generate insights? You will educate people while enhancing your reputation.

4. Traditional advice and self-publishing

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Your how-to videos can also focus on your publishing journey, something new and seasoned authors are curious about. They desire to learn from other writers.

Tell stories about your experiences with agents, publishers, beta readers, bookstores, etc. Offer advice on anything you yourself would like to know before getting published.

Again, make the most of hashtags to reach the right people. And post consistently so anyone interested in that content can learn to identify and trust your posts.

5. Books you love or hate reading

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Other topics you can focus on are genre, meaning, or any aspect of books that you enjoy. By choosing to discuss a certain niche topic—and tagging your post correctly—you’ll gain access to fans of that post on TikTok who might be interested in what you say.

Your content can be about recent book purchases for your #tbr pile, the types of stories you like, book covers you find beautiful, and even stories or authors you avoid like a disease pandemic.

Negative TikToks can actually be very effective in attracting attention, but they have to be tasteful. For example, a constructive analysis of why a certain author doesn’t appeal to you is better than a 10-minute speech about a book you hate.

In general, be careful what you say in posts, comments, and messages to avoid getting banned from TikTok. Content violations range from spreading false information to using words like “death” and “cigarettes.”

6. Book reviews

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Book reviews are very popular on TikTok, so this is one of the best content ideas for authors. If you read a lot, this is also a great option for quick and easy posts to fill your feed and build your fan base.

Let your followers know what you’re reading and what you think about it. Whenever you finish reading a book, you can review it on its own or along with a few other books that everyone should know. Put your face in videos or make them all about books.

Keep an eye out for BookTok trends that you can participate in to increase the impact of each post. Even better, you’re helping the publishing industry. As reported by Mailchimp, 2021 saw TikTok cause UK Publishers Association sales to increase by 5%, Bloomsbury’s profits to increase by 220%, and book sales to reach 826 million copies. in U.S.A.

7. Content about who you are

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You don’t have to do your entire business on TikTok. In fact, more personal posts can connect with viewers better than perfectly edited presentations.

This is a great opportunity to use TikTok text posts and share daily thoughts or quotes. If something funny, amazing, or terrible happens to you, tell your followers about it, respond to comments, and start a conversation.

Just keep your brand in mind when creating such content. For starters, it shouldn’t be sloppy or inappropriate. Keep it friendly, engaging, and reflect positively on you as an author.

8. Pair or duet other TikTok ads

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If you’re brave enough, you can use other creators’ posts to get your message across. First, learn how to duet on TikTok, which allows you to respond or add to the video.

You might just want to highlight and show appreciation for someone’s content, but you can also try fun collaborations. For example, if you enjoy singing, cosplaying, or playing book trivia games, showing off your skills along with the contributions of others can attract a lot of likes.

To keep your collaborative posts interesting, see what TikTok’s Stitch feature can do. Essentially, you take a five-second clip from an existing video and record your commentary—up to three minutes.

Again, this can have a positive meaning, such as saying thank you for giving your book a good review. But remember that negative posts can benefit your brand, as long as they’re tasteful and well-timed.

You’ll come across lines on BookTok condemning other creators’ comments because they’re misleading or offensive. You can follow along if you have a valid argument to share.

What you can’t do is use Stitch, Duet, or any other tool on TikTok to criticize people for no good reason. Such abusive behavior may result in your profile being blacklisted among BookTokers and banned from the platform entirely.

Main lesson

  • Use TikTok to introduce yourself as an author, share your writing journey, and connect with your audience in a fun and engaging way. Remember to keep your videos short and attention-grabbing.
  • Create content about your books, including details about the genre you specialize in, your inspiration, and your characters. Use hashtags like #booktok to reach the literary community on TikTok.
  • Share your creative writing process and provide tips and insights to fellow writers. From planning to overcoming writer’s block, offer valuable advice while demonstrating your expertise and enhancing your reputation. #TikTok #author

Put a unique spin on these ideas to enhance your TikTok author content

TikTok is one of the best social networks to market yourself as a writer and reader on a personal and professional level. Your thoughts, tastes, and daily experiences are as important as your book trailers and book sales.

So keep introducing yourself, sharing your opinions, collaborating with other creators, and interacting with commenters as much as possible—all with a personal touch. Building a strong presence on TikTok and nurturing your relationships with users will attract immediate attention when you announce book launches or other important occasions.

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