Ahram E Junoon Drama Cast & Schedule

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Here we have provided brand new information and updates about the brand new Pakistani program. Excellent actors can be seen in the cast of Pakistani drama Ahram e Junoon. A passionate love story is the focus of this geo-drama. With a compelling role opposite Neelum Munir, Imran Abbas is back in the spotlight. Jahanzeb Qamar wrote Ahram e Junoon. Let’s take a look at the cast of the drama Ahram e Junoon, along with their biographies and showtimes. Keep reading to learn more.

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Drama actor Ahram E Junoon

Imran Abbas plays Shani in the TV series Ahram e Junoon, starring Imran Abbas. Shani is a smart young man without a solid career. To improve his life, he accepts Shanzay’s job offer. Imran Abbas, 40 years old and his family reside in Karachi. He is not married yet. He entered show business in 2003, starring in several successful TV series. He will be starring in “Tumhare Husan Ke Naam” alongside Saba Qamar. In the film, Neelum Munir plays the role of Shanzay. Shanzay is a rich and grumpy girl. Her parents never rejected her because she was the only daughter they had.

1. Aadi Khan as Jugnu

Ahram E Junoon Drama Cast & Schedule 3Ahram E Junoon Drama Cast & Schedule 4

2. Imran Abbas as Shani

Ahram E Junoon Drama Cast & Schedule 5Ahram E Junoon Drama Cast & Schedule 6

3. Neelum Munir as Shanzay Kamran

Ahram E Junoon Drama Cast & Schedule 7Ahram E Junoon Drama Cast & Schedule 8

4. Nimra Khan as Sajeela

Ahram E Junoon Drama Cast & Schedule 9Ahram E Junoon Drama Cast & Schedule 10Nimra Khan as Sajeela

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5. Maira Khan as Nadia

6. Mirza Rizwan as Faiq

7. Zainab Qayoum as Samiya

8. Mehmood Aslam as Kamran

9. Fatima Awan

Neelum is an attractive and talented actor. She has appeared in many films and plays. Neelum Munir’s most recent film is Chakar. In the film, Nimra Khan plays Sajeela. Shani’s cousin and potential love interest is Sajeela. Although she also likes Shani, she is still hesitant because of his low-ranking position. In the TV show Ahram e Junoon, Aadi Khan played the role of Jugno. Shani’s brother is Jugnu. Aadi Khan started acting at a young age. As for the film’s supporting characters, they include Maira Khan as Nadia, Fatima Awan and Zainab Qayoum as Samiya, as well as Mirza Rizwan as Faiq and Mehmood Aslam as Kamran.

Drama schedule Ahram E Junoon

At 8 pm every Monday and Tuesday, people can watch the long-running TV series Ahraam e Junoon. The plot of the film revolves around Shanzay, a rich girl, and Shani, a poor boy. She immediately fell in love with a charming guy. When she learned that he was working as a pizza delivery man while holding an MBA, she offered him a position in her father’s business. He has a wife and loves her. However, after knowing the scheme of the rich girl, he took advantage of the situation. This is an excellent movie with many unexpected twists based on a love story.

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