Archero MOD APK (Menu mod/High Damage & HP) 4.10.0

Archero MOD APK (Menu mod/High Damage & HP) 4.10.0 - networth, wiki, biography, myanimelive
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Archers MOD APK Information

  1. kill one shot
  2. regime god
  3. shot through the wall
  • V2: Menu Mode/High Damage and HP
  • V3: Menu, God Mode, Onehit/Hack Speed

New monster slaying archery action game with archery game. The simple gameplay created by Habby brings beautiful colors to each challenge. Using the classic gameplay style, Archero quickly let players discover a lot of things. Nearly 1 million comments show the great appeal of this game. It’s good to play anyway, just attack without moving. But the real difficulty lies behind every door, and when you enter it, you have to fight hard. Countless different types of terrain maps and huge monsters are waiting for you to explore.

The role-playing archer looks small but is extremely powerful. Combine moves to avoid being attacked by enemies, you must find a way to destroy them. Archero MOD APK has beautiful colors and allows you to participate in the lively world. The battle was uneven in number, but proved its strength. In addition, react quickly to any situation to complete tasks faster.

Archero – Become a good archer

Your character will have its own level system. Each stage is sorted by numbered gates. This will make the challenge easier to remember, so which door can you get to? Of course, every time a new challenge is opened, the difficulty will be clearly felt. Just remember not to ignore any monsters, as you won’t be able to open the next door. Don’t even think about running away from a powerful opponent. Always a heroic archer, always ready to sacrifice himself in the face of danger.

  • Idle Army Base – Become a talented military system commander and developer.

simple gameplay

Kill monsters to get gold coins. Up to a new level, you will have new abilities, such as increased health, holy touch, death star, intelligence… There are many new abilities in each level that cannot be introduced all in This. In addition, when meeting youkai, you can exchange your life points for special abilities such as walking on water, Master of Death. Not only demons, players also meet angels who will give you everything and get nothing in return from you. Of course, you can decline the offer if you don’t want to receive it.


You can buy more coins or gems here. Perhaps we do not need to pay too much attention to this when using Archero MOD. Players only need to overcome 50 challenges of green grassland. But that’s not all, there are many next maps waiting for you to conquer.

role upgrade

There are many new characters. To increase the power, you can upgrade the stats to a higher level. If you upgrade regularly, your fighting power will increase a lot. The opponent will soon be knocked down by the arrow.

Archero MOD APK (Menu mod/High Damage & HP) 4.10.0 1Archero MOD APK (Menu mod/High Damage & HP) 4.10.0 2

What is the MOD version of Archer?

  • V1: Onehit: Attacks enemies quickly.
  • V2: MOD menu: High HP, High Damage.

You’re playing as a fast archer in Archero, but misses can still happen when encountering fast-moving monsters. Data is not saved on exit if the challenge is not completed. Download Archero MOD APK and fight like a real hero!

How to get gems?

You can buy it, but that’s not the answer you’re waiting for, is it? Another way is to watch ads, attack bosses to get lucky spins and level up. These are the ways to get free gems.

How to get pets and equipment?

There is no specific method, as these items often appear randomly. However, these two items are usually available when opening a Gold Chest or Obsidian.

What is the effect of magic?

When you hit an enemy, two bullets will be fired and deal damage to other enemies.

Download Archero MOD APK for Android (Mods Menu / High Damage and HP)

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