Bảng giá xe Grande cập nhật mới nhất tháng 6/2023

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Update the latest Grande car price list in June 2023 at dealers nationwide, the most detailed price list in the article below.

The Grande car line is currently marketed by the company with two models: Grande Blue Core Hybrid and Grande with regular engines, including different versions and corresponding color options.

The listed price of Yamaha Grande models in June 2023 has been kept the same by the company compared to the previous month, specifically: the Grande Blue Core Hybrid model has prices ranging from 50 – 50.5 million VND and the Grande Dynamic Engine prices usually range from 46.9 – 52.2 million VND.

Bảng giá xe Grande cập nhật mới nhất tháng 6/2023 1Bảng giá xe Grande cập nhật mới nhất tháng 6/2023 2Completely new special edition of Yamaha Grande. (Photo: Yamaha)

Grande is a mid-range scooter model that is popular with many female customers. The car models stand out with their elegant, luxurious style with a European feel, along with powerful engines and pleasant passenger operation. In particular, Grande also has the number 1 fuel economy in Vietnam, bringing comfort to women on every journey.

According to records at dealers, the selling price of Grande car models this month has increased slightly compared to May 2023. Currently, the actual selling price is about 0.2 – 1 million VND different from the manufacturer’s price.

Latest Grande car price list June 2023. (Source: Yamaha)

Latest Grand car price list June 2023 (Unit: million VND)

Version Color Listed price Dealer price Differrence
Special edition of Blue Core Hybrid White gray 50 51 first
Red 50 51 first
Blue gray 50 51 first
Limited Blue Core Hybrid version White White 50.5 51.5 first
Black 50.5 51.5 first
Origin 50.5 51.5 first
New large standard Red 46.9 46.6 -0.3
black and white 46.9 46.6 -0.3
Black 46.9 46.6 -0.3
New special edition Red 51.5 51.3 -0.2
black and white 51.5 51.3 -0.2
Black 51.5 51.3 -0.2
Green 51.5 51.3 -0.2
New limited larger version Light pink 52.2 51.8 -0.4
Black black 52.2 51.8 -0.4
Origin 52.2 51.8 -0.4
Green 52.2 51.8 -0.4

Note: The price listed above is for reference only and does not include previous values, registration fees and motorbike insurance fees. Vehicle prices may also vary depending on each Yamaha dealer and vehicle sales area.


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