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Along with that comes a lot of changes and additions World of Warcraft: Dragon Legion Expansion packs, including a bunch of new items and equipment for players to enjoy. Toys, mounts and more weapons, armor, and trinkets have been added OH With this extension, it’s hard to break it down into small groups. Some of these items offer bonuses and high item levels, while others, such as toys and mounts, may just give the player some extra fun.

new Warcraft Dragon Legion Class system improvements change the way players think about many of the game’s items, and some crafting items can now be as impressive as loot loot from raids. Still, there are some pretty incredible raid bonuses and even high-quality gear that can be purchased with PvP rewards. Developed by dragon family The expansion seems to be trying to make the game more equal for people with different playstyles, which is reflected in the many ways to get good items.

Dragonflight’s best items range from Shuffling Sands to Elemental Lariat

Everyone’s definition of “best” is different. One of the most exciting new projects today dragon family It’s a Shuffling Sands toy. Purchased from Usodormu near Thaldraszus’ time confluence, this toy is popular with players for making the characters dance in epic style. However, for those who define “best” as the cutting edge equipment that gets the job done dragon family More effective for quests or world raids, the Elemental Lasso is the best necklace in the game right now. An incredible array of mounts, toys, and gear tops the list of best items dragon family.

Elemental Lasso is the best position of all WoW classes

Best New Items Added In WoW: Dragonflight 1Best New Items Added In WoW: Dragonflight 2

The most popular item in the current expansion pack is the Elemental Lariat. Best item placement for any class, this item’s level 350 amulet adds 287 stamina, a prismatic socket and equip power give spells and abilities a chance to increase strengthen elemental gem in socket. It is crafted using Jewel Crafting at the highest level after finding a dropable recipe from the Primordial Storm Part 1 event, which means, unfortunately, the item This coveted is not easy to find.

Otto: The Secret Mount of the Dragonflight is the best expansion of World of Warcraft

Best New Items Added In WoW: Dragonflight 3Best New Items Added In WoW: Dragonflight 4

dragon family There aren’t as many secret mounts as the other expansions, but it does have Otto. This adorable blue otter is one of the best World of Warcraft mounts for fashionistas. If the player character wears sunglasses obtained in the same quest line as the mount, Otto will also wear them. To get Otto, players have to sharpen a lot and jump over Iskaara Tuskarr as well as fishing missions, but the end result is well worth it.

Healers can benefit from the Assembled Preservation Ring in Dragonflight

Best New Items Added In WoW: Dragonflight 5Best New Items Added In WoW: Dragonflight 6

World of Warcraft All healers want the Ring of the Guardian of the Gathering. The ring can be purchased from Steiz in the Cobalt Assembly in Azure Span for a bit more than 265 gold, but only after the player has achieved a high reputation with the Cobalt Assembly. When equipped, healing spells have a chance to restore an additional 38,339 health to allies, in addition to increasing the wearer’s Stamina, Chance of Critical Attack, and Haste.

The crimson gladiator badge represents WoW’s PvP prowess

Best New Items Added In WoW: Dragonflight 7Best New Items Added In WoW: Dragonflight 8

The crimson gladiator outfit is dragon familySeason 1 PvP Rewards, each piece not only has a coveted fiery look, but also provides high stats for players who can get them. The Crimson Gladiator’s Fierce Badge is especially useful. This jewel has an item level of 382, ​​greatly increases the chance of a critical hit, has two prismatic sockets, and increases the main stat by 871 for 15 seconds. Benefits increase when combined with the Gladiator’s Excellence set.

Best New Items Added In WoW: Dragonflight 9Best New Items Added In WoW: Dragonflight 10

with changes dragon family With the introduction of the Careers system, there are now accessories and tools specifically designed to provide rewards to Careers. Some of these items have impressive bonuses, such as the Khaz’gorite Fisherfiend, which adds +90 Perception and +15 Fishing. The Expert Alchemist’s Hat adds Inspiration +43, Multimedia +29, and Alchemy +6. Or get the awesome chef’s rolling pin, which adds +36 resourcefulness, +54 crafting speed, and +6 cooking. World of Warcraft Professionals can greatly benefit from some of these devices.

WoW engineers can use SAVIOR to save time

Best New Items Added In WoW: Dragonflight 11Best New Items Added In WoW: Dragonflight 12

When it comes to this consumable, the Engineer is the hero. SAVIOR is a small, friendly, single-use droid that revives fallen squad or raid members. Improved error detection towers, SAVIOR helps dragon family Players seem to have lost all hope during the erasure process. Additionally, it provides inspirational morale support when allies fall. However, it is difficult to manufacture and requires a high level of engineering. It can also vary depending on the quality of the project after creation, but even at the lowest quality it provides helpful support.

Many, many items have been added World of Warcraft: Dragon Legion This can be of great help in helping players reach their character’s full potential in combat or just bring a smile on everyone’s face. Some of the best projects can come from dragon familyThe same goes for reputation rewards for different factions on Dragon Island. One of the joys of the game OH is the absolute number of available items, and dragon family Added a lot for players to enjoy exploring.

Source: World of Warcraft/YouTube

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