Bethenny Frankel erratic apologizes for “terrible use” of Raquel Leviss

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After her podcast with Raquel Leviss hit number one, BravoTV fans strongly criticized Bethenny Frankel, making her officially ‘crack’ in a recent segment she did on ‘Just B With Bethenny Frankel’.

Just a few weeks ago, Raquel Leviss of Vanderpump Rules broke her silence on the Scandal. Even though her relationship with Tom Sandoval is over, she finally opened up about the details regarding the show’s biggest scandal.

Leviss shared her deep feelings about the backlash she faced due to the scandal while participating in an episode of Bethenny Frankel’s ‘Just B With Bethenny Frankel’ podcast.

Although Frankel’s podcast came out on top after the interview with Leviss, BravoTV fans criticized Frankel for taking advantage of Leviss, causing Frankel to officially ‘jailbreak’ under the pressure of more drama due to the Scandal accidentally caused.

Instagram: bethennyfrankelBethenny Frankel with Raquel Leviss on the ‘Just B With Bethenny Frankel’ podcast.

BravoTV fans advise Bethenny Frankel to ‘get a checkup’

RHONY’s Bethenny Frankel was heavily criticized for holding an interview with Leviss months after the scandal was revealed.

Although Frankel remained calm in the spotlight for years, she officially cracked under the pressure of her fellow Bravolebrities and fan comments about the “horrible exploitation” that she confronted Leviss after she had ‘healed’ the trauma of being away from a mental health facility for an extended period of time. two months.

In the recent ‘Just B With Bethenny Frankel’ podcast, Frankel opened up about the criticism she’s received, erratic, saying, “So I’m so sorry to everyone that we hit the spot. number one and I had Rachel on and it was terrible.” exploit.”

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Frankel continued to go crazy through her words, insinuating that fans and Bravolebrities had labeled her a fraud and influence seeker out to cash in on Scandoval, just like the people she she and Leviss talked about in their podcast episode together.

Frankel then went on to ask, “Are you thinking about whether I’m interested in you before approaching you?” It’s really a rhetorical question from the former RHONY star. She then mocked the backlash she received, saying: “I will only have people I truly love and care about on the podcast.”

BravoTV fans quickly turned to the comments section of the clip Frankel saying all of that on her recent podcast episode, saying: “I realized the only reason she’s so popular is because of Bravo gave her great edits. The further she is away from Bravo, the fewer people can justify her words and behavior.”

While another fan added, “Check her out, because what is this?”

One fan even commented on the irony of Frankel’s criticism, saying, “Um, she got it wrong. When your new platform talks about exploiting reality TV stars, people will criticize you for exploiting a reality TV star.”

Although Frankel has been in bed with BravoTV fans, her recent words have exposed her in a crude way, as she shares her true feelings with the world despite her realizations. that she would receive more criticism for doing so. However, she has no intention of quitting her podcast as her ratings continue to soar.

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