Better Call Saul: 8 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Mike Ehrmantraut

Better Call Saul: 8 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Mike Ehrmantraut - networth, wiki, biography, myanimelive
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Of course, fans break Bad People already know how Mike Ehrmantraut’s story ends. But seeing how the character begins, how he begins working with Saul and Gus Fring, and his journey before meeting Walter White is a big part of that. better call saul.

Yes, Saul Goodman is the main character on the show, but it’s clear that without Mike, Saul would be in more trouble; if he had listened to Mike, he might have been left out. Funny enough, while Mike is a serious character, he is remembered in several memes for exactly this reason.


When Mike glared at someone and declared “don’t”, they immediately stopped what they were doing and followed the next instructions. Mike is like that: the people he meets not only fear him but also respect him.

It may be related to his past as a police officer, which taught him the law and how the other side works. He knows how to get out of trouble and how to scare people. However, this meme turned a scary scene into a hilarious one.

people on the move

This meme doesn’t just summarize Mike as one of the strongest characters better call saul But also a reference to an important scene in the final season. Mike is their voice when something needs to be fixed, cleaned up, or prevented in the first place. When someone is in trouble and can’t imagine how to get out, Mike comes up with a simple solution and it never goes bankrupt.

In this meme, Mike puts on a big smile (the complete opposite of his character’s usual expression) as he delivers a refrigerator out of a retail store. Of course, in the actual scene, Mike had his men deliver Jimmy a new fridge so they could use his old fridge to transport Howard’s body undetected.

i have a man

There is always someone who seems to “have one” for everything. better call saul Universe, that man is Mike. He’s got someone who can do any job, and it’s not just bragging: he delivers on his promises. Whether it’s a body handler, a trained security guard, a weapon-related person or a court: it doesn’t matter. Mike knows people who can help. Chances are, they owe him a favor.

This meme jokes that Mike not only has one man but his man has another man, etc.

all his feelings

A similar concept has been used for other characters, such as Darth Vader. This part featuring Mike is equally hilarious. Fans of the show know that Mike rarely smiles and usually never shows any emotion, proving he is one of the show’s bravest characters. better call saul. When he works, he works, that is his main focus.

The only time Mike smiles is when he’s with his niece. He occasionally shows a hint of remorse in his expressions, such as when talking to Nacho’s father and when he looks at Howard’s body being buried next to Lalo. But in front of others, especially at work, Mike is as strict as ever.

Mike doesn’t seem like the type of person to be on social media, even though there are plenty better call saul Memes that will even make Mike laugh. He likes to keep a low profile and stay out of the public eye. He rarely shares his life with people he knows, let alone strangers online.

However, the meme mocks Mike’s often deadly face. This is a popular meme that typically shows four different types of photos someone can share on each social media site: for example, professional profile photos on LinkedIn, family photos on Facebook, food photos on Instagram. and photos on Tinder. party image. The same goes for Mike, because he wouldn’t get caught on these sites anyway.

better call mike

The truth of the matter, as this meme created in the form of a fake movie poster shows, Mike was the force behind everything that happened. Things wouldn’t go well for Saul without him, and Gus certainly wouldn’t. He is the glue that holds everything together and holds them together when it breaks.

So a program called Better Call Mike would make sense. Like other recovery type characters, such as from Scandal with ray donovan from Ray Donovan, Mike got the job done. Don’t ask him how to be successful, but know he will.

mike gas mask

Another meme mocks Mike’s often angry and serious expression, which is hard not to laugh as it wears the gas masks of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman break Bad in his head, as if he were working with them.

It’s funny because Mike – one of the best characters better call saulAccording to Reddit, he was often assigned to do dirty work for Gus, Walter, and others, but he was never really involved in potion-making. If he were forced into a situation where he had to do anything related to the growth of the company outside of his main job, he would probably look like this.

It’s over

Breaking up is never easy. Usually, the person who broke up will be disappointed and depressed, while the person who broke up has a hard time looking each other in the eye. In this meme from Reddit, Mike appears as the type of person who isn’t too happy with someone trying to break up with him.

However, he has never had any romantic relationships, or even any real friendships on the show. Mike has always been in business. Everything in his life is trading. So no one can tell him that everything is done: it is his job, and despite his age, he can make even the youngest and healthiest must also kneel.

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