Better Call Saul’s Lyle Is A Hidden Victim Of Walter White

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Warning: Spoiler better call saul Season 6, episode 8.

Los Pollos Hermanos Most Loyal Assistant Director, better call saulLyall (Harrison Thomas) is one of many forgotten victims of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) from beginning to end. better call saul, viewers have seen Lyle go above and beyond on a mission to serve Gustavo Flin’s (Giancarlo Esposito) chicken empire. He also faces some of Gus’ most feared enemies, such as Lalo and Hector Salamanca, but his life is also greatly affected by Gus’ biggest thorn in his side: Walter White.

exist better call saul In episode 8 of season 6, “Aim and Shoot”, Lyle definitely agrees to work all day for the injured Gus after his clash with Lalo at the Superlab. It’s one of many examples of Lyle’s devotion to Los Pollos Hermanos, including his gleeful singing of company songs and his determination to clean the fryer to Gus Fring’s exacting standards. This is a man who clearly loves his job and it is heartbreaking that his career could end with Walter White in break Bad Season 4.

In many ways, Lyle is Gus’ most loyal employee, without Mike’s (Jonathan Banks) skepticism or Walter’s mistrust. This loyalty is not reciprocated by Gus, who contemplates killing Lyle in the restaurant bombing he and Nacho planned. That’s not to say Lyle won’t be rewarded by Gus in the end. Cynthia is the manager of the Los Pollos Hermanos Albuquerque branch break Bad, so perhaps Lyle extended the corporate ladder long ago. If so, Walter White will be devastated when his actions reveal that Los Polos Hermanos is the front for Gus Flynn’s drug empire.

What happened to Los Pollos Hermanos after Gus Fring died

After Gus Fring died along with Hector Salamanca in the nursing home bombing break Bad In Season 4, the DEA opened a large-scale investigation into his business dealings with Madrigal, the parent company of Los Pollos Hermanos. The high-profile investigation resulted in the death of Peter Schuler, Gus’ longtime colleague and collaborator, and the removal of Los Pollos Hermanos from the Madrigal subsidiary. This, combined with Gus Fring’s death, could result in the chain being closed not only while the DEA investigates but forever. better call saul In Season 6, Lyall and his dedication to the Los Pollos Hermanos series are another reminder of the devastating consequences of Walter White’s actions.

The mass layoffs resulting from the DEA’s investigation into Gus are another force majeure situation in Walter’s operation, much like Jane’s death inadvertently causing a catastrophic plane crash. If Lyle remained an employee of Los Pollos Hermanos when the DEA investigated, he would find his loyalty and hard work meaningless. like Walter White at first break Bad, Lyle is actually a hard worker, silently enduring the rigors of life and the petty attacks of her boss. So it hurts to highlight how, by finally deciding to stand up for himself, Walter White has made things worse for so many people like him.

Assuming, of course, that Lyle survives better call saul. When Lalo was buried inside Walter White’s future meth lab, Hector Salamanca must have been suspicious of his sudden disappearance. If so, then the hot pointer is on Los Pollos Hermanos, and Lyle may not be so lucky the second time around. If he survives better call saulHowever, he was very disappointed about his future because of Walter White. The disappointment of years of loyal service won’t help, and may even be enough to bankrupt Lyle herself.

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