Black Panther: Wakanda Forever — 10 Funniest Memes About The Movie

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based on colliderBox office revenue is Black Panther: Wakanda forever It has already crossed the 500 million mark, which is not surprising since the film is one of the stronger projects in Phase 4 that is faltering. Fans also had heated discussions, as they do with every release of the MCU.

Like most items in the franchise, Black Panther: Wakanda forever The color tone isn’t too dark, so fans have plenty to tease. Nowhere is this humor more evident than in memes that go viral on the internet.

Surprised Nakia

Nakia surprises Shuri in Haiti by introducing her son T’Challa to the late Kin T’Challa in the film’s credits scene. This is quite similar to the move Bruce Banner made She-Hulk: Lawyer When he emerged from Planet Sakaar with a son none of his friends and family knew.

Even without the text, the meme is hilarious, as Nakia and Young T’Challa’s headshots have been Photoshopped onto Bruce Banner and Skaar’s muscular bodies, making them look muscular. While Nakia’s “I have a son” moment is similar to Bruce’s, it’s more important in terms of continuity because it creates space for another future Black Panther named T’Challa.

M’Baku is not playing well

When Namor attacks Wakanda, M’baku often enjoys punching him in the chest like a gorilla with pride, thinking he can take him down with ease. However, a punch from the Talocan ruler sent him flying, forcing the inhabitants of the mountains of Wakanda to retreat from the fight.

Namor’s invasion has resulted in some of the best fight scenes in the MCU, but of these, the M’baku vs Namor showdown is the funniest. A haughty and large man, M’Baku has no doubt that he will make a meal from Namor just to help him through his pain later.

Shuri is living her best life

Shuri is very heroic in the movie, but she didn’t do a good job of saving her mother’s life after she drowned. One meme writer thinks it’s all because she’s been busy with her new Black Panther mission.

Shuri doesn’t intentionally ignore Queen Ramonda as much as it suggests, but the meme is still amusing because it perfectly reflects society. After a small achievement, most people would rather bask in the glory than care about those around them.

lacking in action

There is a nagging question as to where Namor was when Earth was attacked by Thanos. This is one of the causes of one of the black panther 2 cumulative loss.

Since Namor has nothing to do with the Avengers, he has no obligation to protect Earth from Thanos. However, he should have known about the attack, since The Blip affected all living things, it must have also caused half of the Talokan population to disappear. So, oddly enough, Namor chose to do nothing about it.

Rihanna is back

“Lift Me Up” is not only a soundtrack but also a song marking the return of pop star Rihanna after a long absence. One meme-maker thought she was locked in the freezer.

Rihanna’s prolonged absence from the music industry is something she never bothers to explain, so the assumption that she’s in a frozen slumber is appropriate from a superhero media perspective. . Her wearing the Captain America costume makes the meme all the more iconic, as Steve Rogers also became stronger 70 years after being frozen.

Namor won’t have it

When the US government decided to explore the ocean after discovering traces of vibranium, Namor and his army of Talokan set into action. The result was the complete annihilation of human power.

Since the Talokan race never interferes with activities on the water, Namor believes that humans have no right to try to interfere with anything that happens underwater. It’s a logical point, and humans will eventually pay dearly for not seeing things the same way.

come for one thing

For now, there’s no question that fans are scrambling to see it. So a question on the same issue would be very overblown.

It’s a perfect meme because it uses an image of Eddie Murphy as Akeem Joffer, Crown Prince of the African nation Zamunda, to America. Since he’s all dressed in African costumes, the cinema staff should know what he’s in for, especially in November 2022.

Namor doesn’t like being called Namor

In the film, Namor explains that he prefers to be called K’uk’ulkan, a name in Central American that means “spirit snake”. If anyone tried to call him in any other way, they would be in trouble.

The selection of images in this particular meme is also good. The character in question is DEA agent Hank Schrader, from break Bad. Whenever Hank is happy, he’s the best person in the world, but when meth dealers piss him off, he can be pretty ruthless.

Who is the real king of the aquarium?

A comparison was made between Aquaman and Namor, but there was another underwater hero left out. Deep sea, one of the best characters boysIt’s an imitation, but people can tell the difference.

Memes cleverly combine fictional characters with current real-world happenings to good effect. The Deep isn’t as powerful as Namor, but in the new Twitter era where anyone can get a blue badge for money, it’s hard to tell who’s the real king of the seas.

no end credits scene

The MCU’s end of credits screen is always something to look forward to. The interesting way, Black Panther: Eternal WakandaAre not.

The joy of many MCU fans is to stay until the end credits roll to see the brief scene afterwards. Most of the time, these scenes usually capture what is about to happen. However, there is no such treatment in the sequel, which leaves fans a bit disappointed.

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