Camila Coelho And Caro Coelho Have Welcomed Their First Child

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Camila Coelho, a fashion and beauty influencer, and her husband Caro Coelho had their first child. Creator Elaluz announced the news on Instagram, revealing that the newborn baby boy was born on August 5th. Camila Coelho’s tweet included a carousel of photos of her child holding her finger and her husband cradling the newborn. It also included emotional footage of the new mother in hospital saying: “Thank you so much, God.”

In the title, the 34-year-old new mother wrote:

“Our angel has arrived!”

Kai Coelho was born on August 5, 22 at 20:52 (My tears of happiness when I heard him cry after almost 24 hours of labor). We are very grateful that he is still alive with us.” Camila Coelho revealed her pregnancy in March during an interview with Vogue Brazil, saying she was overjoyed to have conceived after a “delicate journey”.

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Coelho stated:

“These past 23 weeks have honestly been the happiest of my life.” After a difficult journey filled with anxiety and pain, God rewarded us with the most precious gift of all, the one we longed for – OUR BABY!!!”

Camila Coelho documents her pregnancy experience on Instagram.

After her official Vogue announcement, the Virginopolis native assured her 9.8 million Instagram followers that “DREAMS DO COME TRUE!” Camila Coelho also admitted in the article that epilepsy caused her “a lot of fear and frustration”. The fashionista was diagnosed with epilepsy as a little girl.

In an interview with Elle, Coelho stated that this gave her an optimistic approach during her pregnancy from the very beginning. She stated:

“When the baby was a fetus, I remember thinking, ‘This baby is healthy, this baby is developing beautifully and he’s going to be a wonderful baby.’” He’s going to be born flawless.’ Reassuring myself has improved my mental health and will affect the baby’s development.”

The entrepreneur also revealed that she had to organize the pregnancy with medical support to prevent congenital problems. While documenting her prenatal experience, the new mom also promised to keep it honest with her fans. The influencer managed to turn her baby belly into an object. Coelho constantly posted pictures of her clothes on Instagram, which usually showed her beautiful baby bump. Throughout her pregnancy, Coelho made sure that she did not see her body change negatively. Despite the weight gain, she decided to eat healthy and exercise often. However, she allowed herself to succumb to the urges of pregnancy.

During the interview, she stated:

“I never stopped eating carbs or chocolate or anything like that – I just made sure I was extremely active during my pregnancy and consumed all the wonderful things a baby needs.”

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Camila and Caro got married in 2010. Her husband, like Camila, is from Brazil, and they met through a mutual acquaintance. The CEO of Super Vaidosa Media is Coelho’s wife.

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