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You own a piece of land and need to find a way to expand your territory in Cartoon Craft. Players will master a kingdom and gradually build their own battle defense system. At first, you don’t have many resources, but using them is very important. Wood and stone are always available in the wild, control the logger and clean up your barracks. An animated world full of danger and competition. If you don’t have enough power, you will soon be invaded by others. Moreover, in this game, there is a war of invasion. Be mentally prepared at all times.

Within a radius close enough to capture the exact location of the resource. To get barracks for different types of soldiers to fight, you will need them. Speed ​​up the process and speed up development as quickly as possible. Cartoon Craft brings many fights from childhood to adulthood. If you neglect to prepare and build your army, sooner or later the enemy will overwhelm the enemy. Build a mighty, indestructible empire and expand your country.

Download Cartoon Craft mod – build your army and fight

Handmade cartoons with very fun characters, just like in children’s movies. Players can easily recall childhood memories with new graphic quality. It’s not the razor sharp graphics, but that’s what sets this game apart. Set goals for the country you rule. For example, economic power is always capable of generating combat resources. Or if you don’t have a lot of assets, make guerrilla warfare your forte. Cartoon Craft has many models that give players many directions to create their own campaigns.

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protect your country

In fact, it’s not easy to have a real best friend in Cartoon Craft. Interest always comes first, even if you don’t understand why so many soldiers come to your house. If that is the case, mobilize your army immediately to fight against the enemies and their evil schemes. Do not let your efforts so far be in vain. Nice neighbors always care about you, so treat them carefully. They appear when the player is most frustrated.

mighty military system

Arrange barracks for various types of troops around important buildings. Each unit has its own effect. You should not ignore any units, in general, they fight equally. Cartoon Craft has many types of soldiers such as archers, soldiers, tanks, swordsmen… A good battle is when you know how to combine their powers. Each barracks provides the player with its own type of soldier. You should also pay attention to the placement of your buildings for the best view.

expand your land

There are no limits in Cartoon Craft, you can expand your territory as much as you like. Have your troops move in the direction of the map to win more areas. However, as the territory becomes larger, you also face the difficulties of the military system. There are many enemies everywhere, and a little carelessness is enough to make you lose part of your territory. Cartoon Craft creates a world where the strong have great power.

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Cartoon Craft is a strategy piece where players find and mine resources to build their nation. The soldier system evolves as you deal with combat. Stop enemy invasions and further strengthen your army. Downloading Cartoon Craft mod, players gradually have interesting strategy lessons to further improve their tactics.

Download Cartoon Craft (Unlimited Money) MOD APK for Android

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