Chef Tzarina dives below deck at guests’ feet after “stupid” dinner order

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In an upcoming episode of Below Deck Down Under, Chef Tzarina is confused by a dinner request that requires skills for which she has no training.

In the preview for season 2, episode 18 of Below Deck Down Under, Tzarina is ordered to prepare teppanyaki meals for charter guests. Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cooking that often entails stunts being performed in front of dinner guests. Regarding knives and fire, it is understandable that the chef is nervous when performing this move in front of an audience.

Despite expressing annoyance about the dinner request, Captain Jason told her it was simply “part of the job.”

“Look, if I can dress up some budgie smugglers and serve breakfast to guests, then Tzarina can light an onion volcano,” the captain quipped.

Tzarina is frightened by her request for dinner on Below Deck Down Under

So far, season 2 of Below Deck Down Under has taken Tzarina through the difficulties of being a chef. However, there is no task more difficult and stressful than being asked to make a Teppanyaki meal.

“We are not traveling to Japan,” she said of the request. “We are on the Great Barrier Reef. And getting on a charter boat expecting a random chef to be trained in the field is actually a bit ignorant on my part.”

Luckily, based on the episode’s preview, Tzarina is able to face her fears and do a good job. “For once, you’re doing great,” one of the charter guests told Tzarina.

Of course, fans have their own opinions on the matter.

“Why would you ask a chef to make hibachi unless you know they have been trained?” asked one commenter on the Bravo YouTube channel. “The ultimate arrogance is rich people going to restaurants and acting like CEOs.”

Another fan was quick to agree, writing: “So you have a super talented personal chef on a yacht for just a few days and you’re going to ask them to do something they haven’t been trained for? So instead of trying your best, you want something they learned from YouTube that day? Just go to a teppanyaki restaurant on the mainland, wtf.”

Watch Below Deck Down Under on Bravo for more drama.

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