Doctor Who Introduces A New TARDIS, And It Connects To Every Doctor & Companion

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  • Doctor Who: Legend of the TARDIS introduces the new Memory TARDIS, which connects all Doctors and companions, allowing them to recall past adventures.
  • The Memory TARDIS is a therapy that helps the Doctor and companions cope with past losses and sad separations.
  • The Memory TARDIS is a powerful machine powered by memory, offering opportunities for reunions, new adventures and the possibility of bringing back characters from the Doctor’s past.

Warning: Contains spoilers Doctor Who: Story of the TARDIS.exist TARDIS STORY, doctor who Introducing a whole new type of TARDIS that connects every incarnation of the Doctor and his companions. The six new episodes, written by Russell T. Davies, Phil Ford and Pete McTeigue, reunite the Doctor and companions to reminisce about their time in the TARDIS. These reminiscences effectively serve as bookends to lengthy edits of classic series such as The Curse of Fenric, Mind Robbers and The Three Doctors. TARDIS STORY emission doctor whoThe Whoniverse is the collective name for the entire universe of the main show and its various spin-offs.

Currently exclusive on iPlayer in the UK, doctor whoof TARDIS STORY It’s an added bonus for the show’s 60th anniversary.Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy in new scenes with their co-stars Janet Fielding, Nicola Bryant and Sophie Aldred Reunion, this is right doctor whopast. However, the way in which the Doctor and their companions are reunited is more complicated than the sentient holograms used in The Power of the Doctor. This time, the Doctor and their companions are brought back together by something called the Memory TARDIS, which is a completely new concept. Doctor Who.

What exactly is a memory TARDIS?

In the episode “The Earthquake”, the Memory TARDIS is described by the Fifth Doctor as “A TARDIS Remembered” – Memory of the Time Machine. This suit contains elements of almost all TARDIS suits doctor who History, with various consoles and discs scattered around. It also has a plethora of sonic screwdrivers, as well as a fully operational 1980s-style TARDIS console mounted on the ceiling. It is designed to evoke memories among invited guests and inspire them to tell tales of past adventures”feed” Memory of the TARDIS. Brilliantly, the Fifth Doctor and Tegan concluded that the Memory of the TARDIS was a form of therapy that allowed them to come to terms with the loss of Adric (Matthew Waterhouse) and their own sad parting.

The reunion of the Doctors and their companions seems to be an extension of the story doctor whoof the TARDIS. It is said that “The TARDIS never really lets go“, suggesting that it may have been created by the psychic abilities of a time machine. This was confirmed as early as Tom Baker’s book doctor who In that era, the psychic link between the TARDIS and its inhabitants was the reason the Doctor and their companions were able to understand foreign and alien languages ​​during their adventures. This would explain why the Memory TARDIS is still able to contact the Doctor and their companions decades after they are reborn or end their adventures.

In addition to the Doctor, the companions are drawn into the Memory TARDIS to reminisce about their past adventures.In one of the most touching episodes TARDIS STORYJamie McCrimmon (Fraser Hines) and Zoe Herriot (Wendy Padbury) reunite to reminisce about the events of Mind Robbers. Amazingly, at the end of “War Games,” the brutal memory erasure imposed on them by the Time Lords was reversed by the effects of the Memory TARDIS. Memories of their adventures come flooding back, and they realize that the Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) impacted their lives, even if they don’t remember him.

In both Mind Robbers and Quake, there’s a sense that the memory TARDIS is there doctor who companion Just go when they dream. Jamie and Zoe fear they will lose their memories again.wake up” And both Tegan and the Fifth Doctor talked about waking up in the memory of the TARDIS. If this is the case, then this is a beautiful and poetic idea from Russell T Davies and his writing team, suggesting that the TARDIS has one final gift With the prospect of gifting the Doctor and this dream TARDIS anything is possible – even a reunion between Jo Jones (Katie Manning) and her late husband Cliff Jones (Stewart Bevan) Poly – has a lot of potential for future installments.

Every Doctor and companion in the TARDIS story (and which episode)

The fifth doctor and tegan


Jamie and Zoe

“The Mind Robber”

The Sixth Doctor and Perry

“The Revenge of Varos”

Joe Jones and Clyde Lange

“The Three Doctors”

Steven and Vicky

“Time Spoiler”

The Seventh Doctor and Ace

“The Curse of Fenric”

Doctor Who’s Memory TARDIS is powered by the memories of the Doctor and his companions

Remembering the TARDIS is actually a more joyful celebration of the Doctor and his companions than the support group in Powers of the Doctor. Although that scene is visually coded as if they both experienced a traumatic event, TARDIS STORY It is a colorful and touching celebration doctor whopast. The core idea of ​​the show is that this new TARDIS is powered by the memories it brings, allowing the cast to provide new introductions to classic adventures. However, it never feels like a clunky plot mechanism, as the idea of ​​a magical machine powered by memories works particularly well in Anniversary.

After six years doctor who, there were so many adventures to relive, but tragically, so many are no longer with us. From a cosmic perspective, Adric’s death prompted the Fifth Doctor and Tegan to observe that as long as they remembered him, he would never truly disappear. This is why the Fifth Doctor convinced Tegan to relive “The Earthquake” because it was an emotionally powerful memory. Jamie’s melancholy memories of Victoria Waterfield have taken on added meaning due to the tragic death of Deborah Watling in 2017. Memory has the power to bring people back to life, even if only briefly, and this is one of the many gifts the Memory TARDIS offers.

Any Doctor and Companions can access the Memory TARDIS

Doctor Who Introduces A New TARDIS, And It Connects To Every Doctor & Companion 1Doctor Who Introduces A New TARDIS, And It Connects To Every Doctor & Companion 2

The Memory TARDIS has no time limit and reunites Jamie McCrimmon from 18th century Scotland with Zoe Herriot from Earth in the distant future. Like a dream, the barriers between past, present and future are broken down and doctors and their old friends can come together to reminisce. The Doctors themselves are noticeably older, with the Sixth Doctor observing that he is a “Bigger, grayer, bearded” suggesting that these are independent projections of the Doctor after his regeneration, similar to the Edge Guardians in The Power of the Doctor.

The Memory TARDIS has huge potential to bring back faces from the Doctor’s past and enable emotional reunions. If the older Fifth Doctor is able to reach the Memory TARDIS, it’s certainly possible that an older Adric could appear, too, like Cliff at the end of The Three Doctors.Considering a character like Clyde The Adventures of Sarah Jane Being able to access the Memory TARDIS means that anyone who has traveled with the Doctor – no matter how briefly – can be brought along to tell their stories.

The memory of the TARDIS could bring new adventures to an old team

The Fifth Doctor and Tegan used the memory of the TARDIS to finally sit down and talk. However, the Sixth Doctor and Perry, the Seventh Doctor and Ace decided to embark on a new adventure together. It doesn’t matter whether these new adventures are real or imagined within the potential dream realm of the Memory TARDIS.The concept itself is TARDIS STORY Allowing an unfairly maligned partnership like the Doctor and Peri to have a brand new adventure that showcases their close relationship with each other.It is unclear at this stage whether TARDIS STORY Will open the door to a new era of the Sixth Doctor doctor whobut it felt like an incredible opportunity.

Likewise, Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred were axed in their prime. doctor who Canceled in 1989. While their adventures continue in books, comics, and audio dramas, the prospect of actually seeing the Seventh Doctor and Ace embark on new adventures is very enticing. TARDIS STORY It’s a last-minute addition to the 60th anniversary roster, but the concepts included could open the door to a new, exciting era for doctors and companions old and new.What a joyful way to launch Whoniverse and get started doctor whoCelebrating its 60th anniversary.

Doctor Who: The TARDIS Story Currently only available in the UK on BBC iPlayer. doctor who It will be streamed globally on Disney+ starting November 25th.

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