Does Bakugo Die in My Hero Academia?

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Who likes to watch cartoons? Almost everyone enjoys watching it whether children or adults. The anime’s storytelling and graphics are always top notch and are capable of keeping viewers interested until the end of the episode. That’s why there are many anime that come out a long time ago but are still entertaining and capable of capturing people’s interest. “My Hero Academia” is one of the anime that is watched by many people and the plot is also attractive. Now those who are watching this anime certainly have their own favorite characters and they love to watch them.

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Does Bakugo die in My Hero Academia?

In addition, there are many people who are following this plot who want to know about Bakugo’s death. They wanted to know if he really died in this series. People want to know what happened to this character and if that’s true how he died. Now, everyone who is worried about this character will be relieved that he is not dead yet. Although Bakugo was seriously injured fighting Shigaraki. Bakugo character is not dead. In the popular series “My Hero Academia”, fans have a common misconception that Bakugo, one of the prominent characters, met a traumatic death.

At the moment of the decisive confrontation, Bakugo is dealt a powerful blow from Shigaraki, the main antagonist. This terrifying attack directly impacts Bakugo’s heart, causing it to burst and rendering him helpless and unconscious. The seriousness of the situation makes viewers even more nervous and anxious, as Bakugo is a beloved character. With a remarkable display of selflessness and heroism, a hero named Edgeshot steps forward to save Bakugo’s life. By using his other ability called Foldabody, Edgeshot is able to transform his body into a flexible and elongated state, like a thin surgical stitch.

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If you remember the episode, with his incredible abilities, Edgeshot enters Bakugo’s body and begins the delicate task of mending his broken heart from within. Now after watching this episode, everyone wants to know “Is Bakugo dead”? Bakugo doesn’t die in this anime. He is the main character who is still alive and continues to contribute to the story throughout its development. Although Bakugo faces dangerous situations and gets entangled in terrifying conflicts, the story makes no mention of his death.

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