Elden Ring: The Wormfaces Are More Scary Than You Think

Elden Ring: The Wormfaces Are More Scary Than You Think - networth, wiki, biography, myanimelive
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worm face one of the scariest monsters Elden’s ring, but they can be even scarier than players initially imagine. These humanoid creatures attract the Vandals with their baby cries, then attack the player by spraying them with plague. The larger female Wormfaces have a more fearsome attack, picking up Vandals and shoving them into their tentacle-covered faces. But while these aspects of Wormfaces are enough to make them terrifying, their hidden knowledge is even worse.

like most Elden’s ringWormfaces’ character is related to the religious wars taking place in the Lands Between. Wormfaces seem to be related to Gold Godwin, as they spew deadly disease, Elden’s ringDandy. Godwin was the first demigod to be killed in an event known as “Night of the Black Knife”. However, only Godwin’s soul died; His body was still alive after being buried under the Erdtree. Godwin’s spiritual death has spread through these roots, which is why Death’s Blight causes the roots to grow out of the ground and pierce the Impure.

The worm face is connected to the root of the Erdtree in a terrible way. When the player kills Wormface, they will drop (or excrete) Golden Manure and Erdtree Juice. Along with the deadly disease they spewed out, the Wormface seemed to have swallowed the roots of the Erdtree, digesting the grace and deadly curse that lurked within. Elden’s ring: It includes the souls of those who have been touched by grace. So when Wormfaces eat Erdtree’s roots, they are devouring the soul contained within.

Wormface devours souls in Elden’s Ring

More proof behind the terrible diet of Wormfaces lies in their name. YouTuber Zullie the Witch Found on Elden’s ringWormfaces are actually called Deracine’s files. This seems to be related to FromSoftware’s VR game Delacin, whose title is the French word for “uprooted tree”. This directly links the Wormfaces to the uprooting of the Erdtree that ate it from the earth.

Furthermore, the remains of Wormfaces indicate that creatures derive their souls from these roots. The odd properties of the yellow poop that Wormface pooped suggest a connection to the Golden Order, and YouTuber Square Table Gaming suggested that the poop must also be linked to Tarnished’s Grace Elden’s ring – Because gold is a luxury color throughout the game. The poop’s strange properties also seem to link it to the Golden Order. Square Table Gaming claims this means Wormface eats Grace, but the stool actually shows Grace as excess waste that hasn’t been digested by Wormface. This is also reflected in the way Wormfaces vomit blight: they cannot control it because it is similar to poison in food. So, if Wormfaces are eating Erdtree’s roots, and Grace and Death Blight are deemed unnecessary waste, there seems to be only one thing left in Erdtree’s roots for them to digest: souls.

Wormfaces don’t need such unsettling knowledge to make them even scarier. Their faces are enough to identify them as nightmare fuel. but this is Elden’s ring Complicating the story and scaring the player with hidden plots and lore, the deeper the search, the more frustrating it becomes.

Source: Zullie the Witch/YouTube, Square Table Gaming/YouTube

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