Final Fantasy 7: Why Sephiroth & Cloud Hate Each Other

Final Fantasy 7: Why Sephiroth & Cloud Hate Each Other - networth, wiki, biography, myanimelive
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Hostility between Cloud and Sephiroth final fantasy 7 Causing one of the most iconic rivalry in the game, but even die-hard fans may have trouble unraveling the origins of their legendary feud. Cloud was soon an unreliable narrator FF7, the truth is not revealed until the end of the game. While the pivotal events that set off the pair’s defiance remain unchanged — Sephiroth destroys Nibelheim, Cloud’s hometown, mortally wounded a childhood friend, and Cloud fights back — history Cloud’s reality depicts the change in the feud between the two characters.

Initially, Cloud identifies himself as a former member of Shinra’s elite unit, SOLDIER. He joined Avalanche as a mercenary, fighting alongside Tifa, who had recognized him since childhood. When Cloud first describes the devastation of Nibelheim, FF7 Cloud is depicted as a feisty young soldier serving under Sephiroth, the show’s most prominent member. Cloud says he joined the army because he wanted to be like Sephiroth, and claims the two have become friends, but Tifa still seems to have doubts.

Cloud and Sephiroth are sent to Nibelheim when the Mako reactor malfunctions, spawning dangerous monsters. Tifa is the local guide escorting Sephiroth and the rest of the Shinra force. The discovery of the reactor causes Sephiroth to question his origins and seek answers. Revelations of this existence led Sephiroth to slaughter most of the inhabitants of the village and burn the entire town. Sephiroth returns to the reactor to retrieve the head of his biological mother, Jenova, as he pierces Tifa, before fighting Cloud for the first time.

Why does Sephiroth remind Cloud of his defeat in Final Fantasy VII

FF7 Sephiroth’s origins are later explained in more detail, revealing that Jenova is a destructive alien entity and not a member of the Cetra race as Sephiroth originally believed. The game also clarifies Cloud’s past, followed by his being trapped in his own head as a vegetal while Tifa is by his side taking care of him. Tifa enters Cloud’s consciousness when an earthquake throws them both into the stream of life. Together they overcome the obstacles of self-deception and trauma that cloud his memories.

Tifa is skeptical of Cloud’s earlier account of the events in Nibelheim because it contains half the truth. Most of these facts are accurate, but she doesn’t remember Cloud being there. Instead, a soldier named Zac accompanies Sephiroth. False memories aside, it is known that Cloud was present as one of the masked support troops that accompanied Zack and Sephiroth to Nibelheim. He joined Shinra in hopes of becoming a soldier, but failed to advance and was instead assigned as a regular Shinra infantryman. Cloud was so embarrassed that he failed in Project Soldier, so he put on a mask and didn’t appear in front of Tifa. When Sephiroth went mad and injured Tifa, Zack tried to fight him but failed. Cloud then takes Zac’s sword and stabs Sephiroth in the back before throwing him inside the reactor.

Why is Cloud’s first battle with Sephiroth so important

Final Fantasy 7: Why Sephiroth & Cloud Hate Each Other 1Final Fantasy 7: Why Sephiroth & Cloud Hate Each Other 2

Cloud’s shame and hurt led him to put himself in the role of Zack: a successful soldier betrayed by his idol. During the Lifestream, Cloud reveals that the real reason he served Shinra was to impress Tifa. Cloud grew up loving Tifa from afar, but they weren’t close. He meets her under the stars, revealing his intention to become a soldier, and that is one of the moments they have together. Cloud’s goal in leaving Nibelheim was to become one of Shinra’s elite, hoping to win Tifa’s approval, not out of admiration for Sephiroth.

By rewriting his origins in his head to take on the role of Zac, Cloud has forgotten what motivated him in the first place. final fantasy 7 The late game footage confirms that Cloud hates Sephiroth because he reminds him of his failures and weaknesses, which nearly cost Tifa his life, who motivated him to join SOLDIER right from the start. To Sephiroth, Cloud is nothing, an unknown foot soldier who stood up for him as he reclaimed Jenova’s inheritance of power. For him, Claude is a nagging reminder that even seemingly insignificant people can have enormous difficulty protecting those they love.

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