Flavor Of Love: Where Are They Now In 2021?

Flavor Of Love: Where Are They Now In 2021? - networth, wiki, biography, myanimelive
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It didn’t last long, but taste of love Definitely one of the funniest reality shows ever made on American TV. Structure with almost similar style bachelorVH1’s ranking battle sees female contestants compete against each other to win the love of former Public Enemy rapper, Flavor Flav.

Flav, who claims to remember nicknames better than real names, names each contestant as he sees fit. Years after leaving the show, many of them are still known by their nicknames today. Fans may also be curious to know what new projects some of the show’s most popular contestants are currently eyeing.


Brooke “Pumpkin” Thompson was one of the show’s biggest villains, and she finished third in season 1. Her most memorable act was spitting at Tiffany shortly after being eliminated. The move earned her the “Best Battle” award at the 2006 Fox Reality Awards.

Brooke currently lives in her hometown of Baskerville and works for an accounting firm. Unlike her co-stars, she barely uses social media, which she calls toxic. It’s no surprise that Brooke said she’d love to appear on reality TV again if the show goes as planned. taste of love When he made an offer to her.


“Buck Wilder” Becky Johnston appeared in the second season as extravagant as the reality TV contestant. Her most scandalous act was throwing shoes at Tiffany.

Becky regularly posts photos on Instagram, but not much is known about her current career. Back in 2015, VH1 reported that she worked at a toy store and was very satisfied with the job. There are no pictures of the “toy shop” on her Instagram, suggesting she may have quit that particular job.

Hula Hoop

The season 1 champion won the heart of Flavor Flav but then caused a stir when he announced that he no longer had feelings for him. She will remain engaged to legendary basketball player Shaquille O’Neal.

after a winner shows up taste of loveNicole “Hoopz” Alexander also competed and won another VH1 reality show titled I love Money. She demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit by opening a clothing store and wine collection. She also acted in movies king dog. As of 2021, she mainly focuses on modeling work.

New York

She’s also one of the film’s most memorable villains. After being eliminated from Flavor Flav twice and runner-up for two consecutive seasons, Tiffany “New York” Pollard took the initiative to launch her own side show called I love New YorkShe is a sought-after bachelor.

And some of her contestants from taste of love has been extended to different fields. Tiffany takes reality TV very seriously. Since leaving the show, Tiffany has appeared on some of the best dating reality shows. Most recently (2020), she appeared in celebrity ex on the beach There, she was introduced as the predecessor of former British military agent David McIntosh.

tell us

Chandra “Deelishis” Davis won Season 2 and caused a stir. It seemed like she and Flavor Flav were destined to live happily ever after, but the pair split shortly after the season ended.

After leaving the show, Davis appeared in several hip-hop music videos. She also played a supporting role in a reality show I love Money And Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta As for the 2016 season finale, as of 2021, she’s focused on throwing parties and experimenting with different types of investments.


On the show, Larissa “Bootz” Hodge constantly feuded with Pollard. She went on to finish in 4th place in season 2, behind her most hated woman.

For now, Larissa is focused on being a working woman. According to her, the only reason she didn’t continue her tour of the reality show was because she was involved in a car accident that left her severely injured. Subsequent legal action also damages her. Hope she sees better days.


Shay “Buckeey” Johnson is a promising candidate, but she only finished fifth. That didn’t stop her from getting into reality TV. Then she became one of the most memorable couples love and hip hop.

Recently, Shay and her brother appeared on Iyanla: fix my life Spiritual coach Iyanla Vanzant tried to reconcile her with her allegedly estranged parents. Shay also continues to focus on bodybuilding and reality television. The star admitted to having lost more than 60 pounds over the past few years.

Safari Windsor

She is the only contestant without a nickname. She was also the only contestant to only last one episode. However, this did not shake her resolve. She appeared on the show seduction school, where she won the grand prize of $50,000. Definitely not one of the most awarded reality shows.

After leaving the show, Saaphyri had interesting adventures. She served 20 months in prison for identity theft. She also launched a lipstick line before returning to reality TV Clumsy To fix some plastic surgery done badly on her. Safiri also said VH1 Despite being fired after only watching one episode, she still has a real love for Flav. Currently, she focuses on the cosmetics business.

hot girl

Schatar “Hottie” Sapphira has been described as one of the most beautiful contestants on the show, which she is very proud of. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to make her a winner.

Failure isn’t necessarily a bad thing for her, as Shata has accomplished so much since leaving the show. With her husband, Maxie Collier, she founded a studio that produces animated content and documentaries. As of 2021, she is also a writer under the pseudonym Star Sugarman. Her focus is on erotic fiction.


The Season 1 winner also looks promising, coming in 5th only after showing up seduction school And I love MoneyShe seems to have given up on her reality TV career and is currently focusing on her personal life.

Leilene “Smiley” Ondrade has always kept her relationship private, but in 2016 she revealed that she had been divorced three times. She also said that she is still modeling. She’s also going back to school, especially film school, so hopefully fans will see her in a few movies or TV shows in the near future.

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