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Run the most famous game development company and create exciting games in Game Dev Story. Once again, the game maker’s story is told from a unique perspective. Now it’s up to the players themselves to experience the game creation process. In fact, to do this in real life, we need a lot of complex knowledge. Game Dev Story will use a more direct approach. You will be the manager of a game company. That is, you are responsible for overseeing all the affairs of the company. Continually take on the role of boosting employee morale. Complete the assigned tasks and take the company to a higher level.

See what people do above. Your game company will receive a lot of projects, so make sure to hit the set goals. Your job is to supervise all activities of employees. Recruit new employees for different jobs. Manage projects and assign roles appropriately and effectively. Even if your job is only to manage, you will still support employees in their day-to-day activities.

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In the early stages of development, your business will be just a small office with a few work areas. The first employees of the company also had the most basic skills to write games. As the company’s games become popular, the amount of money earned will increase. Use profits to literally and figuratively scale your company. Recruit more talented staff, change the game production style and make the game more professional. Track people’s work and nominate them to some promising departments. If employees were allowed to use their abilities, the effect of the game when it was released would be huge.

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get good people

The bigger the company, the better your chances of hiring good people. Click on an empty space to recruit a random employee. You will have many options with many different possibilities. Find out what your company is lacking in human resources. From there, select people who are talented enough to fill in the blanks. All employees have 4 competency indicators: programming skills, content, graphics and music. This means that there will be people who are very talented at programming but bad at vocals. Gather skilled people. Ask them to do joint projects and you will be surprised.

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develop new projects

The income you earn is mainly from the game products you make and put on the market. Every game needs a good theme. Beautiful graphics, vivid sound and very few bugs. To meet this, obviously all four factors we mentioned above must be medium to high. Bring together qualified employees from various fields to create products. If your entire team has enough skills in programming, content, graphics and music, the game you create will receive a lot of appreciation and make a lot of money. Otherwise, we will be criticized in some ways, so we have to be very careful.

Reviews of critics

When a game is first released, it is immediately tested and reviewed by critics. They will analyze the four factors that contribute to the game. From there, scores are obtained for all four factors. Not only the score, but also the good and bad factors are evaluated in detail. Up to 40 points can be scored in a single game. 10 points are awarded for each of the four sides of the game. Accompanying the high score are emotional comments and praises from film critics. If the score is low, then you know what to expect. The company will be at a loss and won’t have enough money to continue producing the game.

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Making a game is a long and challenging process. So a game must be profitable to be considered successful. Game Dev Story tells you the truth about game development. Behind every success is the hard work of the development team. The process of selecting talented employees is paramount. Bring an unknown name to the market and become a famous game brand. What can you do to make your company famous for the games you create in Game Dev Story.

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