IShowSpeed ​​gets fan-driven during IRL broadcast in Scotland

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A large number of IShowSpeed ​​fans chased the famous live streamer and even jumped in his car during the intense Scottish IRL broadcast.

IShowSpeed ​​is one of the most popular broadcasters out there, boasting a total of 27 million followers across his three YouTube channels.

Speed’s popularity only increased after he received a permanent ban from Twitch in late 2021. He switched to YouTube shortly after, where he streamed regularly to the tunes of hundreds. thousand viewers.

Earlier this year, Speed ​​also signed a deal with streaming platform Rumble, where he and fellow streamer Kai Cenat now have their own show called ‘Kai ‘N Speed ​​Show’.

YouTube: IShowSpeedIShowSpeed ​​is the latest live streamer who has a lot of fans surrounding him during his broadcast.

Fans crowd around and jump in IShowSpeed’s car during IRL Scotland broadcast

However, Speed’s popularity as an on-air broadcaster led to a rather tense moment when the streamer made his way to Scotland, where he broadcast live for his fans.

During the broadcast, fans figured out Speed’s location, leading to a crowd of viewers rushing towards him and the car he was sitting in. Crowds of fans began banging on the car’s windows – and some even jumped on top of it as it drove down the street.

“Yo, the goddamn shining man of Scotland!” The speed screams. “Look at damn Scotland!”

Of course, Speed ​​couldn’t resist barking at one of his onlookers through the window in an attempt to get them to back off.

“Careful, they’re in the car,” said one passenger in the car.

“They’re on this damn car!” Repeat speed. “Oh my god. God.

This moment was eerily similar to another incident that occurred in early August when Kai Cenat was arrested for inciting a riot after a fan meeting in New York City went wrong.

Thousands of people gathered at Union Square, where the streamer was located, and the ordeal even made national news. Kai has since denounced the rioters, saying he was “so disappointed in anyone who became disruptive that day.”

Luckily, it doesn’t appear that Speed’s situation has escalated to that extent. The streamer has yet to comment further on the challenge at the time of writing, but has uploaded several other clips from his viral Scotland broadcast.

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