Jacob Rott Height, Age, Career, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Wiki And More

Jacob Rott Height, Age, Career, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Wiki And More - age, height, girl friend, wife, networth, wiki, biography

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Jacob Rott (born on 4 March 2000) is a German famous model, celebrity, and TikTok star. This handsome man has already gained popularity with his handsome face, and his extraordinary talent.

This article will discuss everything about Jacob Rott such as height, birthday, career journey, girlfriend, and net worth which makes many of his fans want to know more.

Profile Summary
Name Jacob Rott
Birth Date 4 March 2000
Birth Place Berlin, Germany
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Gender Male
Nationality German
University Southern New Hampshire University
Profession Famous Model, Celebrity, and TikTok star
Age 23 Years Old
Height In Feet & Inches: 6ft 1in
In Centimeter: 186cm
In Meter: 1.86m
Weight In Kilogram: 70kg
In pounds: 155 lbs
Net Worth $2 million
Mother Not Known
Father Not Known
Relationship Status Single

Who is Jacob Rott?

Jacob RottCredit: Image Amplified

Jacob Rott is a German famous model, celebrity, and TikTok star who has gained many followers on social media. He managed to redouble popularity as a model, as well as an internet personality, known from the age of dozens of years.

A handsome face and athletic body shape made many agencies interested in swallowing it as a professional model. Aside from that, his name became increasingly famous after he joined as a TikTok user. Jacob also managed to get millions of followers there.

Jacob always displays a positive aura in each upload, as well as his activities. He is famous for having a sweet smile, and a stylish and incredible personality that makes anyone comfortable to be close, let alone cooperate with him.

He has always been himself, both at work and not. Jacob always takes care of his personality and principles, so that many people and loyal fans continue to support and like him.

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Jacob is popular with the majority of his lip-sync videos on TikTok, often even getting millions of likes per video.

Early Life of Jacob Rott

Jacob Rott was born on 4 March 2000 in Berlin, Germany. He did not tell clearly about his family, including the names of his parents. He is indeed very closed and rarely discusses it with the media.

He hasn’t been identified whether or not he has a brother and sister. However, this information is still further studied.

Jacob doesn’t just have a handsome face and athletic body shape. Because he also had a smart brain and successfully completed his education at Southern New Hampshire University.

Jacob Rott Age

Jacob Rott imageCredit: Image Amplified

Jacob Rott is currently 23 years old because he was born on 4 March 2000. He is one of the very popular media stars in his country.

In fact, he even became one of the top male models who have many fans today, especially after joining TikTok in August 2020.

Jacob Rott Height and Weight

Jacob Rott is 6 feet 1 inches taller which is equivalent to 186 centimeters or 1.86 meters. Further, he is 70 kg in weight which is equal to 155 lbs.

He also has figure measurements such as 14 inches (biceps), 30 inches (waist), and 38 inches (chest). Meanwhile, his body shape is muscular which makes him look gorgeous.

His shoe size is 42 (EU) or 8 (UK), and his eye color is green. Jacob also looks handsome with his hair color brown.

Jacob Rott Career

Jacob Rott picCredit: Purepeople

Jacob is famous as a handsome model, as well as a TikTok star from Berlin, Germany.

He began his career as a Social Media Star and has gained more than millions of followers on Instagram and TikTok. That number certainly always increases, as his popularity and career go skyrocket as it is now.

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This handsome model is even very good at walking on the catwalk. He even seemed to fit every fashion that stuck to his body. Athletic high posture and charming smiles are the main capital for him, to become one of the top male models in Germany, as well as internationally.

Jacob Rott Social Media

Jacob Rott photoCredit: Culture Fix

Jacob Rott is one of the celebrities from Germany who has a large number of followers, even penetrating the number of millions of people on social media.

On Instagram, he has an official and verified account called @jacobrott. In fact, he never stopped uploading cool photos and videos that get lots of likes every day.

Unmitigated, Jacob managed to have as many followers as 1,706,942 followers and 1,892 followers. He has uploaded 321 posts.

Jacob often uploaded photos and videos of himself that looked very handsome and cool. Each upload was even successful in getting more than 100K and 200K likes.

His popularity not only skyrocketed on Instagram but TikTok too. Jacob even managed to get more followers on this short video-sharing platform from China.

Jacob has a verified TikTok account named @jacob_rrt. In fact, to his surprise, he had already gotten more than 11.6 million followers as of November 2023. He had only followed 1060 people there.

He often shares reels with interesting and entertaining contexts, including cosmetic promotions as well. In addition, the majority of its reels often enter FYP and pocket millions of likes and comments from netizens around the world.

Jacob Rott Girlfriend

As of 2023, Jacob is reportedly still single and has not been in a relationship with any woman. This is evidenced by the majority of his photos that always appear alone on the internet.

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Some people suspect that he has been dating secretly, but he does not want his privacy to stick out to the public.

Jacob Rott Net Worth

Jacob Rott estimated net worth is between $2 million as of 2023. He reportedly runs a private business whose truth is still confidential. If true, even his wealth has not been calculated by this amount.

Moreover, he has millions of followers on social media, while Jacob often receives project endorsements that are quite fantastic.

Facts About Jacob Rott

  • Popular as a model, celebrity, and social media personality on Instagram and TikTok from Germany.
  • Gained more than 1.7 million followers on Instagram and 11.6 million followers on TikTok.
  • Runs a YouTube channel with his friends named Bene Schulz, Tim Schaecker, Luis Freitag, and Julien Brown.
  • He periodically gets likes between 100K and 200K for every content on social media.
  • His official YouTube channel name is The Elevator Mansion and gained more than 600K subscribers.
  • Share about making videos, photoshoots, and traveling on YouTube.
  • Join Next Management and East-West Models as an agency that oversees his model career.

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Final Words

Jacob Rott managed to become a celebrity, a model, as well a top internet personality who never stopped making his fans fall in love. He was also able to have many fans in the real world, as well as in cyberspace.

Thank you for reading this article. Let us know your thoughts through the comment section below.

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