Kai Cenat asks Logan Paul to apologize for calling JiDion “two-faced”

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Twitch star Kai Cenat feuded with Logan Paul, publicly criticizing the YouTuber during a broadcast for calling JiDion a “two-faced” and demanding an apology from him.

It looks like a bunch of creators are arguing with each other as Logan Paul’s boxing match against mixed martial artist Dillon Danis comes to a close.

Logan was attending the match press conference on August 22 when YouTube prankster JiDion came backstage and joked about a past incident that happened between them.

However, it seems that Paul wasn’t too amused by his sarcasm and instead lashed out at JiDion, calling him a “two-faced bitch”.

Since then, JiDion has publicly criticized Paul, even revealing that he left PRIME because he “didn’t feel needed and appreciated”.

Paul’s feud with JiDion is just one of many touching parts of his ongoing relationship with Dillon Danis, who has publicly antagonized him by posting photos and videos of his fiancé… but it looks like another major creator has joined the arena in the meantime.

Kai Cenat criticizes Logan Paul about JiDion movie

On August 29, popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat publicly criticized Logan Paul during a broadcast, apparently disagreeing with his comments towards JiDion backstage at a press conference. previous week.

“Yo, Logan Paul,” Kai began, holding a bottle of PRIME in one hand. “I heard you call my men two-faced, man. I do not like it. Do you understand me? I do not like it.”

“KSI, I fuck you, gang. But Logan, I heard you call my men two-faced. However, I will keep P.

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“…but look, yo. Hey, look, Logan. Apologize to my people, man. That sucks, Logan Paul. It’s broken, man. Like, I just saw that clip and it was freaky.”

It was clear that Kai wasn’t happy with what Logan had to say, even though he was friendly with PRIME’s business partner and founder, KSI.

For now, it looks like Kai is keeping his cool while still expecting an apology – but this is certainly an unexpected development on his part, given all the drama currently surrounding Paul.

This is not the first time Kai has expressed his feelings on television recently; just a few days earlier, Kai had even threatened to leave Twitch if the company didn’t reinstate IShowSpeed, who was banned from using the platform in 2021.

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