Kai Cenat broke down after being blocked by SZA on Instagram

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Twitch star Kai Cenat was devastated after realizing that his lover, music artist SZA, had apparently blocked him on Instagram after he took a photo with her.

If there’s one thing to know about world-famous Twitch streamer Kai Cenat, it’s that he loves SZA.

Although Kai has never spoken out about his feelings for SZA, his lover became more widely known when he reacted to her latest album ‘SOS’ during a livestream on last year.

To his surprise, she reposted his melodramatic reaction to her Instagram stories and later even said she wanted to go live with him – but was redundant. admitted that she was a little shy about appearing in front of all his fans.

In an amazing turn of events, Kai actually got to meet SZA at one of her concerts not long after, where he took a few photos to commemorate the event.

Instagram: kaicenatKai Cenat met his celebrity crush, SZA, at a concert in early 2023.

With all of this information, it certainly seems like a SZA x Kai collaboration is planned for some time in the future… but this may not happen after the latter’s latest revelation live stream.

Kai Cenat was stunned when SZA blocked his shot

During a recent broadcast, Kai was stunned after realizing that he could no longer send any messages to SZA on Instagram. Apparently he popped into her DMs to shoot his shot earlier – and apparently got blocked because of it.

“I can’t send any more messages, man,” he said. “Dude, oh God. Oh God, I can’t send any more messages, man!”

As if to prove that he wasn’t lying, he held his phone up to the camera, revealing their text message history with a warning at the bottom that read: “Invitation sent. You can send additional messages once your invitation is accepted.”

“What?” Kai asked dejectedly, clearly upset by this latest development. However, some fans suggested that her team might have changed her account settings, instead of her personally blocking him for some supposed offense.

This isn’t the first time Kai was sad after learning something about SZA; In July, the broadcaster appeared upset after seeing her interact with rumored boyfriend Travis Scott in a music video, seemingly confirming that the two were dating.

Regardless, it’s clear this incident has left Kai feeling hurt…but hopefully he’ll be able to talk to his celebrity crush sooner rather than later.

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