Mother scolds passenger to stop watching GOT on plane because her son can see

A man took to Reddit to ask for advice after a mother scolded him for watching Game of Thrones on a plane because she didn’t want her son to watch it, despite sitting several rows behind him.

A topic that has been discussed a lot on social networks recently is flight etiquette. Specifically, what is allowed or not allowed when on a plane or when traveling in general. From leaving bare feet uncomfortably close to other passengers to whether it’s okay to recline the seat, people are having deep conversations to set some ground rules.

A man recently visited the AITA subreddit and asked if he was wrong after a mother asked him to turn off the show because she didn’t want her son to watch it.

He explained that he was on a long flight and sat in the aisle seat. He explained that he hadn’t watched any Game of Thrones, so he put the tablet in his seat and started watching. If you remember, in the first episode of the show, Bran saw Jaime and Cersei getting intimate so they pushed him out of the tower window.

When he was about “an hour or two into it,” a woman sitting two rows behind him tapped him on the shoulder and told him he needed to turn it off immediately.

He was confused and asked why. She responded that her young son “can watch the show” on his tablet and that it is not suitable for children because of the graphic nature of the series. He agrees that it’s not for children, but he doesn’t agree to turn it off.

The HBOA mom wasn’t happy about passengers watching Game of Thrones on the plane

“She basically told me I was a jerk for not caring about the people around me,” he wrote. And he wanted to know if she was right, so he turned to Reddit.

In a few edits, he explained that he had been wearing headphones the whole time and that he was flying from Europe to the US. He wasn’t sure exactly which seat the child was in because it seemed like he and his mother frequently switched seats.

Readers don’t know who’s wrong

After reading the man’s Reddit post, most people agreed that the OP did the right thing and that the mother has no right to decide what other people see.

“She could switch places with the child or distract him. If all else fails, she can politely ask you if you’d mind tilting your tablet so he can’t see it. Instead, she goes straight to telling you that you *must* turn it off. That’s right there. The world doesn’t revolve around her baby,” one person wrote.

However, some also argued that, although the mother could have behaved more kindly, the OP should not have watched Game of Thrones while in public.

“Don’t watch p*** in public places,” another wrote, “no matter how critically acclaimed the p*** is.”

This is not the first controversy to happen on a plane recently. A woman recently went viral after screaming at the person sitting next to her that he was “not real.”

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