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When we are tired, we often find joy to relieve stress for ourselves. Coming to Mythgard CCG, you will find everything you need. Conquer legendary battles against opponents with your warriors. Use your wits to create the most interesting tactics. Turn powerful cards into useful combat tools. Enjoy the thrill of creating mutants on the battlefield.

Mythgard CCG is a card game developed by Rhino Games Inc. This game requires high agility and creativity of the participants. Sharp visuals inspired by a variety of fantasy styles. Recreate an extremely explosive and intense arena. Gives players a sense of importance and improves combat focus. Let the call of the battlefield take you to the top of glory.

Download Mythgard CCG Mod – Become a talented and talented strategist

The arenas of Mythgard CCG are home to all the most talented strategists. There are countless cards that represent warriors. By using these cards, you will play against others to win. The rules of Mythgard CCG are also relatively easy to grasp. It only takes a few minutes to learn. The two players take turns drawing all six cards from their hands. The warrior card can be summoned when attacking or defending. Cards with effects can give your warriors an advantage on the field. Whoever runs out of lives first loses.

If you don’t want to attack or defend, you can end your turn immediately. Health can be added from the effect of the card you own. Without a warrior card on the field, you or your opponent’s health will be directly affected.

Mythgard CCG MOD APK (Menu, Dumb enemy) 1Mythgard CCG MOD APK (Menu, Dumb enemy) 2

different cards

Your cards will be of two types: minions and spells. Minions can perform automatic attacks or defenses. Spell cards that effect or equip your minions. The cards will be grouped into colors corresponding to the theme. The green cards are Viking and motorcycle themed, while the red ones are underworld and inspired by vampires.

Along with that is a unique theme with a contemporary twist. Each card will have its full name, attributes and combat effects. Mythgard CCG has more than 400 cards of a variety to choose from.

against the enemy

When fighting in Mythgard CCG, you can choose one of two ways: solo or 2v2. If you play alone, you will face random enemies that you can find out on your own. Solo players usually get a lot of good combat experience. Playing 2v2 is a little bit different. That is, you can support each other with your teammates. Fill in the gaps and develop effective plans. Only good coordination can create many great advantages. Whichever you choose, you can increase. Invite your good friends to play together.

Mythgard CCG MOD APK (Menu, Dumb enemy) 3Mythgard CCG MOD APK (Menu, Dumb enemy) 4

Each card is a story.

When you view your card, it will write a few lines of description below, which contains a lot of interesting information, from how it was created to the circumstances in which the card can be used. If you study hard, you will discover many important mysteries. During the play of Mythgard CCG, a larger world will open from there. It is not only a casual fighting game, but also offers other good content that should not be missed. Experience an engaging storyline based on the hit novel. A world that blends modern technology, magic and different ideas.

Mythgard CCG MOD APK (Menu, Dumb enemy) 5Mythgard CCG MOD APK (Menu, Dumb enemy) 6

hypnosis field

In the game you will see some nice variation effects. That’s when you use the ambient type tag for your minions. Your kingdom will completely transform into the environments that the card has. Whether it’s a palace, a swamp, a dungeon, an arena… the minions’ attack effects have also been improved and their movements are extremely eye-catching. You can try summoning hundreds of field transitions. Change the battle to your taste and tactics, making it flexible. Let the Mythgard CCG mod guide you to become a powerful card king.

Download Mythgard CCG MOD APK (Menu, Stupid Enemies) for Android

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