NFL fans raced for big beer until the New York Jets ruined everything

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A group of beer drinkers had to pay a large bill at the bar as the New York Jets won against the Buffalo Bills in Aaron Rodgers’ first game as a Jets player.

Aaron Rodgers leaves the Packers in 2022 after 18 seasons with ‘cheese heads’. He began playing in the NFL in 2005 and started at quarterback for the Packers in 15 of the 18 seasons he played for them.

Even though he chose to leave his longtime NFL team for the Jets, as he felt his time with the Packers was over, Rodgers still has quite the following.

So when he debuted for the New York Jets on Sunday, September 11, a bar in Wisconsin called ‘Jack’s American Pub’ made a deal with their vendors that if Rodgers and the Jets lost, All their beer will be free. However, if they win – their bill will need to be paid in full.

CBS58 News’Jack’s American Pub’ in Wisconsin, where Aaron Rodgers once played, gave away free beer to people at their bar if the New York Jets lost to the Buffalo Bills.

The Wisconsin bar offers free tab deals on 12 other games

When a sports bar offers free beer, all bets are off when weighing your odds against the deal that will make you win or lose said free beer – especially on the night competition.

So when ‘Jack’s American Pub’ in Wisconsin, where Rodgers previously played for 18 seasons, offered free beer to shoppers if he and the Jets lost, the payouts started to add up. Especially after Rodgers was removed from the game after the first quarter, as fans thought the Jets would not play well after that.

However, when the match ended, the score was tied so extra time continued. Although those in attendance may have thought they had the game wrapped up, the Jets ultimately won the quarter 22-16.

So what does that mean for the folks at ‘Jack’s American Pub?’ Well, let’s say, their pockets might have been empty, since the deal stated that only if the Jets lost would the beer be free. So luckily for the bar, they had a successful night at the front of the house.

However, for those who made a hasty purchase thinking the Jets would lose without Rodgers, their story ended a little differently.

Although the deal made by ‘Jack’s American Pub’ seems simple, there are two conditions – one is that Rodgers must start the game and second, the Jets and Packers cannot play at the same time.

Luckily for those who find it interesting to attend a football match, they’ll have 12 more Jets games to potentially win free beer, as ‘Jack’s American Pub’ will be offering the same deal when The NFL season continues.

As for Rodgers and the Jets, they will face the Cowboys this Sunday, September 17.

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