Nhật thực là gì? Ở Việt Nam có thể ngắm nhật thực lai ở đâu?

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Solar eclipse is a matter of concern for many people, please see the answer to the eclipse phenomenon in the following article.

What is a solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse usually occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the earth. When observed from earth, we will see the moon partially or completely obscure the sun.

Specifically, the earth moves around the sun while the moon moves around the earth. Each cycle, the moon comes into position between the earth and the sun once. However, because the two movements drift about 5 degrees apart, the moon does not cross the line connecting the earth and the sun every time. In other words, many times the moon goes into the middle of the “new moon” time, and on a moonless night, there is only one time when the three celestial bodies (sun – moon – earth) are aligned.

Nhật thực là gì? Ở Việt Nam có thể ngắm nhật thực lai ở đâu? 1Nhật thực là gì? Ở Việt Nam có thể ngắm nhật thực lai ở đâu? 2What is a solar eclipse?

How many types of updates are there actually?

Solar eclipses include 4 basic types. First is the actual part, where only the moon’s outer shadow, called the penumbra, interacts with Earth. From inside the penumbra, only a portion of the Sun is visible above the moon that covers the disk.

Next comes the actual update, where only from within the moon’s dark cone, called the umbra, can the full update be seen.

An annular eclipse, or “ring of fire” eclipse, is so called because the moon is too far away and therefore too small to obscure the sun. So a round sun is maximally visible around the moon. For darkness to reach the earth in this type of reality, the moon must be closer than its average distance.

Finally the actual update. This phenomenon is very strange when it happens. Hybrid eclipses often occur during solar eclipses. Switching to a full eclipse is recommended.

Of all the above categories, actual updates only account for 4.8%. In the 21st century, only seven eclipses have occurred. And some of them will take place on April 20, 2023.

Where can you observe reality in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, the actual visible area is in the southern provinces, from Quang Tri to the South.

According to the Hanoi Astronomical Society (HAS), on April 20, 2023, a special eclipse phenomenon will take place. The majority of the world’s population will not be able to observe this symbol. In Vietnam, we only found a truly somewhat pale icon update.

This eclipse will start in the southern Indian Ocean, sweep across Australia, Southeast Asia and end in the Pacific Ocean. The updated area is actually encouraged and absolutely very narrow, mostly ocean.

A hybrid eclipse (hybrid eclipse) is a type of “hybrid” eclipse between a full partial update and a Recommendations actual update. When a hybrid eclipse occurs, some regions of the Earth will be surveyed in their entirety, others will be surveyed using recommended imagery (and of course, others will be found only in a part).

Nhật thực là gì? Ở Việt Nam có thể ngắm nhật thực lai ở đâu? 3Nhật thực là gì? Ở Việt Nam có thể ngắm nhật thực lai ở đâu? 4On April 20, 2023, a unique realistic icon update will be performed

On the mainland, the most favorable provinces are Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan. But even here the obscuration is only 8% (ie the Sun is only covered by 8%). This number in Ho Chi Minh City is 5%.

At sea, for the Truong Sa archipelago of Khanh Hoa, the coverage speed is up to less than 20% (virtual island). Outside of Da Nang’s Hoang Sa archipelago, the coverage level is about 5%. After this update, it will not be until August 2, 2027 that the update will actually take place in Vietnam. But… once again, the coverage is not much better than this time.

Almost a year later, on July 22, 2028, we were greeted with a truly interesting partial update phenomenon, when in some places it reached 33% obscuration.

On that side, NASA recommends that you are not allowed to look at the Sun with bare eyes or use regular sunglasses or sun glasses. Ghost glasses can reduce the amount of visible light but cannot block high-intensity ultraviolet rays.

A safe way to observe reality is to make a small error by writing with a pencil on a piece of paper or cardboard, then let the sunlight reference the error on a temporary screen like a small piece of paper. The image displayed on the monitor will temporarily be safer for your eyes.

Above is information to answer the question “What is a solar eclipse?” along with that “Where can you listen to the hybrid solar eclipse in Vietnam?” .Hopefully, this information is useful to readers. Thank you very much for following this article.

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