Overwatch 2 streamer was completely embarrassed when his father wearing a Winston costume walked in

A Twitch streamer playing Overwatch 2 was suddenly walked in on by his parents while he was dressed as a monkey during one of his live streams.

Twitch streamer Tubby2r wore a monkey mask during his most recent broadcast, no doubt to convey the primal power that comes with pretending to be Winston.

What’s even more important is that he’s playing with that same tank in the game, so the intense energy of the monkey mask flows straight into his Winston mechanics.

Unfortunately, this unstoppable display of “monkey mode” is mercilessly stopped by the appearance of Tubby’s father.

Overwatch 2 streamer hurriedly took off his monkey costume after dad walked in

This caused the streamer to immediately tear off the monkey mask and lose the tremendous power it bestowed on him. It’s perhaps no coincidence that this loss of power was heralded by Tubby’s death before a Reaper player.

Worse still, this streamer didn’t put on his costume again after his dad left the room, which is most likely why his team couldn’t push the payload to its final point on King’s Row.

Winston has emerged as one of the top tanks in Season 6, along with D.Va, as they have a strong combination of mobility and utility that other tank heroes cannot keep up with.

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