Pauline Njoroge Arrested, What Happened To Pauline Njoroge?

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Pauline Njoroge Arrested: Pauline Njoroge shares her firsthand account of a dramatic arrest and detention in Malindi, providing insights into the events that unfolded during the incident.
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Pauline Njoroge Arrested

Pauline Njoroge, the digital strategist for Jubilee, has come forward to recount the tactics employed by the Malindi police in an attempt to ensnare her into arrest. Last week, an order was issued for her arrest, prompting detectives from the DCI to initiate tracking measures.

In a statement shared on Thursday, Njoroge revealed a peculiar phone call she received on Friday evening, where the caller claimed to be a banker with confidential documents to hand over. This individual requested a solo meeting with her in Malindi, a request that raised her suspicions, as she hadn’t disclosed her location publicly. Deciding to ignore the call, she remained cautious.

The plot thickened when someone called her friend on Saturday, inquiring about tour services to Mombasa from Malindi. Noting these peculiarities, Njoroge and her friend continued with their day as planned.

As they ventured out from their hotel to visit the Gedi Ruins, Hells Kitchen, and the first Church in Malindi, they noticed a double cabin vehicle parked nearby. While her friend suggested the occupants might be policemen, the driver dismissed the notion, speculating they could be locals.

However, as they hit the highway, the same vehicle overtook them and blocked their path, insisting they accompany them to the Malindi police station. Refusing to comply, they proceeded, only to encounter the vehicle once more, this time demanding they follow them to Watamu Police Station.

Quick thinking, Njoroge managed to alert her advocate and a trusted circle of friends, notifying them of their detainment by the police. The situation remains tense as investigations into the matter continue.

What Happened To Pauline Njoroge?

Pauline Njoroge, the Jubilee Party digital strategist and vocal critic of the Kenya Kwanza government, found herself in the spotlight as she, along with two others, appeared in the Malindi law courts on Monday, following her recent arrest in Watamu, Kilifi County.

The initial drug charges against Njoroge, her friend Jane Mwangi, and their driver Emanze Jilani were dropped by the prosecution during the court session.

However, Njoroge now faces accusations of false publication, in violation of Section 22 (1) (b) (d) of the Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act no. 5 of 2018, for a Twitter post she made.

According to police, Njoroge has been posting inflammatory and inciteful messages against state agencies on her social media platforms, leading to the polarization of her followers both locally and internationally.

Her specific tweet pertained to a police operation in Nyalenda, Kisumu County, and was aimed at discrediting the head of state. The defense lawyers challenged the intended charges, considering them baseless and lacking legal grounds.

During the court session, the prosecuting counsel, led by Vivian Kambaga, withdrew the application to deny the three suspects bail.

Chief Magistrate James Mwaniki ruled in favor of the defense, stating that none of the prayers pertained to the second and third accused individuals, leading to their release on free bond. The case against Pauline Njoroge will be mentioned again on Wednesday as the legal proceedings continue.

What is Pauline Njoroge Account of The Dramatic Arrest And Detention in Malindi?

Blogger and government critic, Pauline Njoroge, has shared her harrowing experience of being arrested and detained in Malindi for voicing her criticism against the government. In a detailed social media post, she revealed the attempts made by police to falsely implicate her, her friend Jane Nduta, and their driver Emanze Jilani with drug charges.

The troubling events began with suspicious phone calls that raised red flags for Pauline and her friend. Detectives eventually apprehended them while they were touring various locations in Kilifi County.

During their detention, the police allegedly planted drugs in their hotel room and car, making baseless accusations. Pauline informed her lawyers and family members about the situation as they were taken to Watamu Police Station, where they were subjected to interrogation and separation.

Upon returning to their hotel room, the police reportedly found innocent supplements and labeled them as psychotropic substances. They also claimed to discover marijuana in the car, a move Pauline perceived as an attempt to incriminate them.

Despite the ordeal, the prosecution failed to produce any evidence against them, leading to their release on a free bond. However, Pauline’s gadgets were confiscated for further analysis by the Cyber Crime unit.

Undeterred, Pauline remains resolute in her stance and vows not to be silenced. She sees the responsibility of safeguarding the nation’s hard-earned freedom and democratic space falling upon her generation, and she is determined to bravely uphold that responsibility.

Who is Pauline Njoroge?

Pauline Njoroge is a prominent figure in Kenya, known for her diverse range of pursuits and influential role in various fields. She has made significant contributions in the areas of digital communications strategy, politics, and activism.

As a digital communications strategist, Pauline Njoroge possesses a strong expertise in leveraging online platforms to effectively communicate messages and engage with audiences. Her strategic approach has helped amplify the voices of individuals, organizations, and causes, harnessing the power of the digital landscape for impactful storytelling.

In addition to her digital prowess, Pauline Njoroge has also made her mark in the political arena. She has displayed an unwavering dedication to advancing youth participation in politics and governance. Pauline has been a vocal advocate for the inclusion of young people in decision-making processes, emphasizing the importance of their perspectives and contributions.

Moreover, Pauline Njoroge has held positions such as a communication officer at the NEPAD/APRM Kenya Secretariat. Her work in this role involved facilitating effective communication and collaboration between various stakeholders, promoting regional development and good governance.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Pauline Njoroge has gained attention for her critical stance and outspoken nature regarding the administration of William Ruto, a prominent Kenyan politician. Her willingness to express her opinions freely has made her a significant voice in political discourse, inspiring others to engage in constructive dialogue and debate.

Given Pauline Njoroge’s multifaceted career and her active participation in political and social issues, she has become a notable figure in Kenya. Her contributions span digital communications strategy, youth engagement in politics, and her role as an advocate for transparency and good governance.

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