PewDiePie’s Tattoos and What They Mean – [2022 Celebrity Ink Guide]

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Take a look at the tattoos that controversial YouTube King PewDiePie got and their meanings. Discover their esoteric designs and the reasons behind them.

Not so long ago, the thought of getting rich from video game releases was nonsense, but that’s exactly what Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg—aka PewDiePie—has done. Born in Sweden, PewDiePie made a fortune uploading videos of him playing a variety of video games on the Let’s Play platform as well as comedy shows and skits.

In fact, from 2014 to 2017, PewDiePie had the most viewed YouTube channel on the platform. Currently, he maintains more than 100 million subscribers worldwide. With an estimated net worth of around $30 million, it’s no surprise that people are paying attention to PewDiePie.

While much of the attention directed at Felix comes in the form of comments on his videos, he has achieved a level of popularity among his ardent followers and his tattoos have become popular. became a topic of discussion in Bro Army (the name given to Pewd’s fans). base). His inks are eclectic in style, although an illustrative approach is evident in most of his work.

Far from being completely inked, PewDiePie’s Six Tattoos uses a number of different styles to create interesting designs that showcase his love of art and pop culture. Here, we take a closer look at the Swedish phenomenon’s unique ink.

Frog with trumpet

Located on his left arm, Pewds has a tattoo of a frog playing the trumpet, done using loose illustration and black and gray ink. Designed and applied by artist Haskey from Osaka, Pewds got this tattoo while in Japan in memory of a lost pet. Named Slippy, this piece is dedicated to the pet frog that Pewds lost. On the Instagram post where he launched the ink, he added the caption, “A tribute to an old friend.”

Swedish church with something inside

Another interesting piece of Pewds ink is the Swedish church located on his right arm, facing outward. PewDiePie got this tattoo done while in his hometown of Stokholm, Sweden for Christmas 2016. Designed and applied by Will Pacheco, this piece is a great example of his style, using uses a childlike interpretation and seems equally innocent and creepy. simultaneously.

The illustrative approach taken to create the church with something lurking in the steeple is reminiscent of classic children’s fairy tales and more modern illustrations from Where the Wild Things Are . This work is said to symbolize PewDiePie’s childhood in Sweden.

Cat riding a skeleton

Located on the inside of his right bicep, Pewds has an animated depiction of a skeleton riding a jumping cat. This design began life as a tribute to famous artist Gary Baseman’s deceased cat, Stubby. Having been hit by a car, Baseman painted this piece, titled DAMN YOU ALL, as a tribute to a lost friend, and Pewds loved it.

While the motive for Baseman’s work to be tattooed on his body is unclear, Gary has no problem with the YouTube star taking inspiration from his work. According to his Instagram account, “Tattoo time with PewDiePie, it looks like Pewdie has my painting DAMN YOU ALL on his arm.”

girl tattoo

Another tribute to art and the artists he draws inspiration from, PewDiePie has a tattoo of a girl on his right forearm, facing forward. The design comes from a collection of figures and motifs that American artist KAWS has created over the past thirty years. This one features the cartoonish illustration typical of KAWS’s work, although Pewds abandons color and shading in favor of a restrained, blackline approach for this work.

Heart-shaped face with crying eyes

This next part is a departure from the cartoon style of the previous tattoos we looked at. Located on the left forearm, this tattoo uses bold black ink and negative space to create a grimace reminiscent of a tribal totem, while underneath is an early tattoo-inspired eye. .

Adopted by London-based artist Luciano in 2016, Pewds said he found the artist on Instagram and was enamored with his work. However, when asked about the meaning behind the work, Pewds admitted: “I don’t know.”

Naked woman and hugging skeleton

Located on his left bicep, this is PewDiePie’s largest work and the design that most strongly draws on traditional elements of classic tattoos. Applied using dense black ink and negative space, this work depicts a nude woman and a skeleton embracing each other. The bold lines and flowing shape of the hair are reminiscent of traditional Japanese tattoos, while images of skeletons and wild-haired witches are more closely related to Western tattoo styles.

Again, Felix offered no explanation when asked about the importance of this work: “I think I had a reason for taking them, but obviously I don’t remember any reason for that. there”.

PewDiePie: Eclectic ink collection

While some people choose a tattoo style that suits them and stick with it, PewDiePie clearly takes a different approach in choosing ink. His love of visual arts and diverse interests have led him to produce a variety of works that use different approaches to create interesting designs and although there is certainly some meaning behind each tattoo hey, we may never find out what it is. When asked about the reason behind Luciano’s tattoo on his arm, Felix replied: “I swear to God I don’t remember why.”

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