PinkyDolls’ ‘unfiltered’ appearance surprised fans at Streamy Awards

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The TikToker star and NPC PinkyDoll surprised fans with her ‘unfiltered’ look at the 2023 Streamy Awards.

PinkyDoll has made a name for itself this year with cyborg-like NPC (non-playable characters) behaviors on TikTok.

PinkyDoll not only resonates with NPCs, but it also continues to gain incredible income from saying the same thing over and over again.

Although her fans are used to PinkyDoll having a certain look on social media, viewers seemed surprised to see her ‘unfiltered’ look as she presented at the Awards Ceremony. Streamy Prize 2023.

Instagram: pinkydollrealbPinkyDoll surprised fans with her spotless look at the 2023 Streamy Awards.

Fans say PinkyDoll is as pretty in real life as she is online

The unplayable character trend originated in video games in which the character was controlled by the game system and not by the player of the game.

Somehow, this has infiltrated the world of influencers, where streamers act as video game characters to earn big bucks.

PinkyDoll started influencing her NPC in January 2023. Since then, she has amassed millions of fans as her TikTok followers have accumulated 1.1 million.

PinkyDoll has been making up to $7,000 a day and it hasn’t stopped there. In fact, she presented at the Streamy 2023 Awards on Sunday, August 27.

PinkyDoll fans seemed surprised to find her skin darker in real life. This is because she is known to be very filtering her videos. They stood up for her by commenting on her natural beauty instead of focusing on the difference.

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One fan commented, “She’s still so pretty.” While another agreed and said: “Take off the filter, she’s crazy, man.”

Another fan joked about how she might have gotten away with looking so different on social media, saying: “You all know that ring lights make you look 10x lighter. . However, we all know this.”

Another PinkyDoll fan urged people to focus on the wrong thing, saying: “Everybody worries about going wrong. This is strange.”

Another also imitated the famous NPC trendsetter while praising her, saying: “What’s really interesting is that she’s even more beautiful without the filter. Yes yes… yum yum, delicious.”

Although PinkyDoll was exposed for her appearance at the Streamy Awards when she presented the Streamer of the Year award, she has yet to comment on what fans have to say about her.

However, she took to TikTok to share her ‘Morning Queen’ ahead of the ceremony. The video shows her enjoying a fruit platter while getting ready for her big outing.

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