Predicting House Of The Dragon Season 2’s 5 New Dragons

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Warning: Contains Fire and Blood spoilers, the book is based on the House of the Dragon.dragon house Season 2 will introduce 5 new dragons and the setting of the story suggests which dragons they will be. Dragon is one of the biggest attraction dragon houseand a side of it actually appeared in season 1. enjoyed it Game of Thrones Before that, the spectacle and CGI were impressive, but the prequel also further establishes the connection between the Targaryens and their beasts and ensures that each dragon is unique.

This is necessary because there are 10 dragons in total dragon house Season 1, featuring: Syrax (Rhaenyra Targaryen’s dragon); Caraxes (Targaryen Demon); Sea Smoke (by Laenor Velaryon); Meleys (by Rhaenys Targaryen); Vermax (Jacaerys Velaryon); Vhagar (Laena Velaryon, later Aemond Targaryen); Fire of the Sun (Aegon Targaryen); Dream Flame (Hylanna Targaryen); Arrax (Lucerys Velaryon); and Vermithor (currently unclaimed). dragon house According to host Ryan Condal, there are five dragons that will be introduced in season 2, so getting them right is crucial when A Dance with Dragons really begins, and here’s a guide to what newcomers can Who is.

5 Tesarion

one of the new characters is expected to come dragon house Season 2 features Prince Daeron Targaryen, the fourth and youngest child of Viserys Targaryen and Alicent Hightower. Daeron’s absence from the first season is notable, at least for fire and bloodrevealed that he had left Oldtown to serve as guardian of House Hightower. When writer George RR Martin talks about Darren’s dragon househe says there is no time for him to enter the season, suggesting he will be in the future.

Suppose Darren appears in dragon house In Season 2, it makes sense to have the dragon Tessarion with him, Tessarion is a relatively small dragon – about a third the size of dragons like Vhagar and Vermithor – but still able to fight. Tessarion is dark green With wings and a bronze body, it is considered one of the most beautiful dragons in the Seven Kingdoms, so that alone is enough to bring it to the screen and make it the one of the coolest dragons. hitherto.

Her greatest battle was the Battle of the Mead, a major land battle in the Reach, where the Hightower army fought black armies advancing from the North and South. With the Blue army struggling and battered, Daeron and Tessarion were responsible for turning the tide of battle and ultimately winning because Black’s army was no match for the dragon. That will be their most important moment on the show, and it will probably happen after that dragon house Season 2, but maybe soon if not part 3.

4 silver wings

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dragon house Season 1, Episode 10 introduced Vermithor, the singing dragon Daemon in High Valyrion. Plus, Daemon mentions her name directly, which is a good sign that Silverwing is coming. dragon house Season 2, as the two are partners and often spotted together, was previously piloted by King Jaehaery I Targaryen and his wife Queen Alysanne Targaryen. Silver in color, she’s not quite the size of Vermithor, but still a mighty dragon, almost 100 years old at the time of A Dance with Dragons and currently uninhabited.

dragon house Season 2 will include Seeding, in which Black tries to find people with traces of Targaryen blood (called dragonborns) to control the drone dragons. Silverwing will be captured by an armed man named Ulf during the seeding, which almost guarantees she’ll show up next season. She went on to play a decent role in A Dance with Dragons: dragon house For season 2, her biggest role other than Sow will be the Battle of Gullet, a massive naval battle with many dragons including Vermithor that will be huge for Jacaerys Velaryon’s fate.

3 Sheep Thief

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Daemon also mentions three wild dragons currently living on Dragonstone dragon house Season 1 finale. Whether all three of them will appear or not remains to be seen — Weekly entertainment They’re reportedly painstakingly crafted and are one of season 1 co-host Miguel Sapocnik’s favorites — but if that’s any reassurance, it’s The Sheep Thief. The reason for the name must be obvious, the sheep thief is the only wild dragon that is actually claimed by a rider during the sowing stage, and continues to play an important role in the dance.

Sheep Stealer is a large and ferocious dragon associated with Nettle, the illegitimate daughter from Drift Mark, in which she will dragon house New character for season 2, in seeding process. Nettles can claim the sheep thief by leaving a dead sheep for him every morning, ensuring that he gets used to her and welcomes her. During the Battle of Gulch, Nettles will fly on the Sheep Stealer, along with Vermithor, Silverwing, Seasmoke (currently ridden by a dragon named Addam of Hull) and Vermax. dragon houseAccording to the schedule, that battle will most likely take place at the end of season 2.

2 cannibals

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Another wild dragon, the Cannibal Dragon is undoubtedly the largest, oldest and most ferocious of the three dragons, comparable in size and strength to Vagarhar and Formisol. Similar to the Sheep Stealer, the Man Eater’s name is quite literal: it comes from the fact that it attacks and eats smaller dragons, as well as eats dead dragons, and also snatches dragon eggs if it just want snacks. The cannibal was so ferocious that he was left alone in the seeding process, and no one was brave enough (or stupid) to even try to make a connection with him.

However, he still appeared in it, emerging and eating another dragon that someone was trying to take over. Cannibals don’t really play the main role dragon house Season 2 dances a lot because he still doesn’t have a driver. However, being one of only four dragons to have survived A Dance with Dragons – along with Sheepstealer, Silver Dragon and Dawn Dragon (Rhaena Targaryen’s dragon) – and with all such epic dragons, it will be difficult. to stop him.

1 Gray Wraith or Moondancer

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The last one has several key abilities dragon house Five new dragons for Season 2. One strong contender is the Gray Ghost, the third largest and smallest wild dragon on Dragonstone. If all goes well, and goat thieves and cannibals show up, then Gray Ghost is a reasonable fit in that respect. He was mentioned during the seeding, but the dragons could not find him and asked for him; this means he is more likely to be abandoned and inactive like other dragons dragon house Season 2.

If this happens, then another obvious choice is dragon house Season 2’s new dragon is Moondancer, who has bonded with Baela Targaryen. She currently lives on Dragonstone, so that would fit the story very well, but isn’t big enough to ride at the start of A Dance with Dragons. That means she can be saved dragon house Season 3 – which may include her best moments, her battles with King Aegon Targaryen and Sunfire – but has been confirmed that Dancer of the Moon has been cut from season 1. If the movie wants to give Bella a bigger role, add Moon Dancer dragon house Part 2 makes sense.

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