Rau ngót có những tác dụng gì?

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Malabar spinach is a popular dish in Vietnamese meals, so what are the effects of Malabar spinach?

Malabar spinach grows quickly, has few pests, so eating healthy and safe spinach. Vegetables are considered a food rich in nutrients and good for health. So what effects does crude have?

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What effects does Malabar spinach have that makes many people feel comfortable?

Improve breast milk

Raw vegetables synthesize nutrients such as protein, Vitamin A, B, C… so this is a useful vegetable for postpartum mothers. Malabar spinach juice helps lactating mothers have abundant milk, because the sterol compounds with estrogenic properties in spinach affect the endocrine system.

In addition, women giving birth can also use spinach to remove the placenta. This vegetable will help the uterus contract to push out all diseases in the uterine cavity and reduce inflammation.

Vegetable sweating foul odor, constipation in children

The baby’s nervous system is not yet stable, lack of calcium or vitamin D is a cause of bad breath. The process of burning sweat can cause a child to get sick, catch a cold or even have a slow growth spurt.

Feeding children spinach regularly is a simple way to overcome and improve bad breath in children.

Malabar spinach has a lot of fiber, using this vegetable also helps to fertilize quickly and safely.

Improve living environment and life

The active ingredients in Malabar spinach act like sex hormones to help increase the quality and quantity of sperm for men, improving sexual desire in both men.

In addition, the vitamin C content in vegetables helps increase blood circulation, stimulating men’s “desire”.

Above is some information and answers about dilation “What are the effects of hard vegetables?”. Please eat spinach regularly.

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