RHOA’s Courtney calls Drew a “compulsive liar” following cheating allegations

RHOA newcomer Courtney Rhodes has called Drew Sidora a “compulsive liar” for denying she had a relationship with WNBA player Ty Young before her divorce from husband Ralph Pittman.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta aired the second part of its reunion on Sunday, September 10, where the explosive assumptions continued from the first part.

The ladies with the peaches got it all figured out when newcomer Courtney Rhodes was brought into the picture, with BravoTV executive Andy Cohen asking what she knew about Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman’s rocky relationship.

Although Rhodes hasn’t been in many episodes this Season of RHOA, she had quite a few things to say about Sidora, calling her a “compulsive liar” for denying an affair with Ty Young before the divorce with Pittman.

Drew Sidora claims that Ralph Pittman “coached” Courtney Rhodes all season about cheating rumors

Sidora and Pittman have been married since 2014 and have two children together. While their relationship seemed stable during the first two Seasons of Sidora being on RHOA, Season 15 was anything but.

Recently, the two revealed that they do not sleep in the same bedroom. Not to mention the fraud allegations that Pittman was accused of.

Although Pittman has been known as a cheater for a while, Sidora was recently accused of the same, as her RHOA co-stars found out about her supposed feelings for the WNBA player Ty Young.

So when it came time for a reunion, of course, questions about Sidora’s affair with Young were raised, with Cohen asking Rhodes, “Courtney, it seems like you and Ralph have been talking a lot about the affair. Drew’s allegations before it appeared on the blog, so what? Has he told you yet?

Rhodes then responded: “I just know he was really hurt by it and she blamed him for exactly what she was doing.” Cohen then asked Rhodes, “Do you believe that Drew had an affair?”

Rhodes replied: “Absolutely yes.” However, Sidora did not mean to take her name lightly, as she later responded to the accusation, “Courtney knows nothing about me and Ralph. He coached her all Season because a lot of the things she said were the same things Ralph said.”

As the conversation surrounding Sidora’s affair with Young continued, women like Kandi Burruss agreed with Rhodes that Sidora was in fact in a relationship with Young after Sidora revealed to her that Young would be “ her “darling girl”.

Rhodes then called Sidora a “compulsive liar” when Sidora said she would not reveal further details about her nine-year marriage to Pittman.

Sheree Whitfield then weighed in on the topic, saying that she had a source contact her with further evidence of Sidora’s affair with Young. Whitfield went on to reveal “private messages” between Sidora and Young by showing Cohen and the RHOA ladies their messages between each other.

Although the conversation may eventually turn to other topics, Pittman is later welcomed to the reunion when Sidora and he talk about their failed marriage. Certainly, Cohen hopes to help the two reconcile during the RHOA Season 15 reunion, but the possibility of peace between Sidora and Pittman is not high, as they continue to argue over cheating accusations from both sides.

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