RHONY fans are sick of Sai De Silva complaining “24/7” in season 14

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We’re only halfway through Season 14 and RHONY fans are already getting wind of Sai De Silva’s constant complaining.

The Real Housewives of New York reboot introduced a group of six bold women who don’t shy away from their emotions.

Although the ladies of the Big Apple are quite friendly with each other, the number of ‘beeps’ and squeaks is significantly lower… hint hint, Ramona Singer… the ladies still bicker back and forth from time to time.

But no one jokes around more than Sai De Silva, who fans recently called out complaining “24/7” during the first half of Season 14.

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Erin Lichy called our Sai De Silva complaining too much about her hunger

RHONY’s Sai De Silva has been on every BravoTV fan’s radar lately because of her demanding attitude and constant complaining.

First, she requested a local eatery called ‘Provisions’ after Erin Lichy served the girls an Israeli dish called ‘shakshuka’ for breakfast, leaving the women a bit confused.

De Silva later left Lichy’s 10th Anniversary before the others simply because they did not provide what she wanted to eat, as she said she was too hungry to stay.

This causes Lichy to humorously confess, as she says, “I’m so tired of Sai’s excuses of being hungry. Like, maybe you should check it out. Looks like you have a worm in your stomach. Like, something is wrong.”

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RHONY fans have even begun to pick on De Silva for her complaints after the episode 8 preview showed her talking to Ubah Hassan about how she feels that the consistent gift-giving of Jenna Lyons is not authentic and is only made to promote the brands she represents. The Season 14 sequel ends with De Silva saying, “I can’t keep giving you free advertising.”

Fans of the show commented on De Silva’s firing and repeatedly complained: “She complains 24/7” as well as “Sai is so annoying. The whole Erin food thing is terrible.”

While another noted her Lyons gifts and said: “It was a gift. Who cares if it’s because of a promotion or not? Say ‘thank you’ and move on with your life. Jenna doesn’t need your boosted post or she’ll claim it. It seems like Sai’s life is so transactional, it spills over into other social interactions.”

One fan even criticized De Silva for being dishonest, saying: “Sai complains about anything and everything. And as someone with a ‘humble’ beginning, it’s confusing to watch.”

Even though Lichy and fans have spoken out, the RHONY ladies have yet to confront De Silva about her raunchy complaints. However, episode 8 in which De Silva covers up Lyons’ gift giving will air this Sunday, September 3, at 9pm EST.

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