Seth Rogen Gets Brutally Honest About His Movies’ Negative Reviews

Seth Rogen Gets Brutally Honest About His Movies’ Negative Reviews - networth, wiki, biography, myanimelive
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Actor Seth Rogen is candid about the number of times his films receive negative reviews and how negative reviews have affected him and his friends.

Seth Rogen has been very outspoken about how negative reviews of his films have affected him over the years. Rogen rose to fame in the mid-2000s with thrillers like pregnant And very bad 2007 and Fast pineapple 2008. However, the Canadian actor is challenging himself in 2022 to start working on more serious projects like miniseries pam and tommy and Steven Spielberg’s Oscar nomination Fabermann.

while speaking Steven Bartlett’s CEO DiaryRogen discussed how the negative reviews his films have received over the years have affected him.

Rogan talked about how personal the filmmaking process is, which is why a bad review can really affect an actor or filmmaker. He specifically pointed out his superhero comedies The Green Hornet and controversial interview Here are two examples of films where he’s faced some particularly harsh reviews. Read the full quote below:

I think if most reviewers knew how hurtful the people making the stuff they’re writing are, they’d re-guess how they wrote it. This is brutal. I’ve known people who never really recovered from years, decades of being [film reviews]’s very personal…it’s devastating when you’re being told by the institution that your personal expression sucks and that’s something people carry with them, literally, for life, I get it Why. So bad.

As for “The Green Hornet”, the reviews were pretty bad. Everyone hates it. People happily don’t like it. But it opened to $35 million, the biggest opening week I’ve ever been in. It does a great job. Sometimes that’s good. Sometimes you may experience some sense of success. [The Interview] It feels more personal. “The Green Hornet” made me feel like a victim of something big and fancy. This is not a failure of our idea but a failure of the concept. “Interview”, people treat us like we’ve failed creatively, which sucks.

As with any open weekend, it sucks. Lots of pressure. Like childbirth, this is an inherently painful process. That’s another fun thing about making movies… life goes on. You can make another movie according to your taste [current] The movie is bombing, which is a funny thing. Both bitter and sweet. You know everything will be okay. You are already working. If fear is a movie bomb and you won’t get hired again, you don’t need to worry. But sometimes it’s an emotional conundrum.

Why do some Logan movies get rave reviews?

Seth Rogen Gets Brutally Honest About His Movies’ Negative Reviews 1Seth Rogen Gets Brutally Honest About His Movies’ Negative Reviews 2

While it is true that Rogen has enjoyed a lot of success in his film career, he has certainly taken a lot of risks in many of his films. For example, while some people come to see The Green Hornet On a positive note, it was largely wiped out at launch. As Rogen now says, the movie was like “failure concept‘ This comedy/superhero tries to get out of his garage. Some felt that Rogen had misjudged himself and that the comedy elements of the film fell short of the high standards he set for himself.

The aftermath of Rogen’s ambitious alternative historical comedy, interview, there are many documents that argue that the controversy has led to threats from North Korea. The film depicts a fictional version of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who is killed at the end of the film, under unfavorable conditions. Alternate history is always tricky because of the real-world implications, and adding comedy to the mix means Rogen is on a very good path. The Rogen-directed film was met with such backlash that the United Nations deemed it necessary to issue a statement.

observe and report is another unpopular Rogen movie; it has a scene where Rogen’s character essentially sexually assaults a girl, an incident that plays out as a joke. Rogen has succeeded by pushing boundaries and taking risks. However, being an actress and filmmaker, necessary or not, has also exposed her to harsh criticism, which Rogen has repeatedly received.

Source: Steven Bartlett’s CEO Diary

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