Shocking Bones and All Theory Reveals Sully Wasn’t Real

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Bone (2022).

exist bones and allMark Rylance’s villain Sully may not be real, but could actually be a part of Maren’s imagination in trouble. bones and all Not an easy movie by any means. The cannibal drama on the road stars Taylor Russell’s Maren and Timothée Chalamet’s Lee as a pair of drifting youths struggling with cannibalism. This seemingly inherited trait sabotages their efforts to lead a normal life. As the summary suggests, bones and all It’s a difficult, complex film with many interpretations. The character of Sully, played by the sometimes charming and sometimes terrifying Mark Rylance, is proof of this.

a theory of endings bones and all It’s Marlon’s nemesis, Sully, who doesn’t really exist. Instead, the villain is the living embodiment of her inability to suppress her frenzied hunger. Although Sully appears throughout bones and alluntil the end of the movie, the strange villain only interacts with Mullen.ending bones and all Seeing Sully kill Lee by stabbing Lee when Lee and Maren suffocate Sully, but the fact that Lee encouraged Maren to eat him when he died might mean that Sully was never real, but Maren made her He ignores her in a way that shows her struggles painfully while trying to live a normal life.

Bones & All’s Sully Explained

Sully is the weirdest character in the unusual cast bones and all. Right after Marlon’s father abandons her at the beginning of the film, bones and everything The heroine meets Sully for the first time. He tells her he can smell them and treats her to dinner, and the two end up eating an elderly woman in her empty house shortly after her death. Sully’s outspokenness about his cannibalism, the long braids he received from his victims, and his insistence that the two go forward together worries Mullen. Instead, Mullen left him behind and infuriated him for doing so, even though that scene (and their subsequent interactions) may not reveal the whole truth.

Why can Maren imagine Sully

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Maren was alone when he first met Sully, and while Lee says he may have heard of the character when Maren first described him, it’s an uncommon comment. . Also, Sully won’t return until Lee and Maren separate, which means Maren is alone again the second time she meets Sully. this time. Sully used some selective language to insult Maren, but onlookers at the grocery store where they clashed didn’t seem to notice an elderly man cursing a young girl as she tried to put her in his truck. However, the ending depicts Lee interacting with Sully, which contradicts this theory.

That said, the scene can be read as Mullen’s cannibalistic urge finally kicks in on another idyllic day. At the time of the story, the two were sworn to give up cannibalism and had a steady job for a while, until Mullen came home one night to find Sister Lee’s hair caught in a thread. Sully’s rope. bones and all Maybe the cannibalism in the movie is an allegory about addiction. While Marlon and Lee were able to suppress their desire to live a normal, socially approved life for a time, eventually their repressed desires resurfaced and Lee encouraged Marlon to accept the his flaws by eating him.

What does Sully mean to Maren

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With an indifferent attitude to cannibalism and a declaration of never killing her victims, Sully is the charming face of Mullen’s drug addiction. He has a psychological or mental disorder that causes him to behave abnormally, giving the impression that he is a harmless, sympathetic character. If Sully is the embodiment of Maren’s drug addiction, then she finds her habit lonely and a bit tragic, but ultimately not fatal. However, all these harmless actions turned out to be actions when Sully eventually turned violent bones and all. Earlier bones and allMarlon agonizes over how her cannibalism has turned her into a monster, as evidenced by the seemingly sweet Shirley.

Seeing Sister Lee’s braids in Sully’s braids proves that he killed some of his victims, as there was no reason to think that an otherwise healthy teenager would have died of natural causes. Not only that, but Sully also pinned Marlon down and held a knife to her neck, further proof of the potential threats his characters always lurked under the surface. In the passage, Mullen desperately saves Lee’s life, while Lee happily declares that she should eat him. “bones and all‘” is also the culmination of Sully’s purpose as an external image of her addiction. Lee tells Maren to accept her cannibalism habits instead of using Sully’s ideas to replace and suppress her hunger.

Why this bone and all the theories could be wrong

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While Sally may be a product of Mullen’s imagination, that doesn’t mean this theory is the only way to read his personality. Although Sully does exist in bones and all, he can still act as a shield for Lee and Mullen (much like the fearsome isolated cannibal they meet in the woods). His willingness to accept himself as an outsider was in stark contrast to Maren’s inability to understand her lust for human flesh. His dubious claim that he would not harm his victims is in stark contrast to Lee’s admission that the cannibal’s way of life is inconsistent with conventional moral standards. Does Sully really exist? bones and allHis character serves the same purpose as Mullen and Lee’s story.

Sully contrasts with Maren and Lee, making the audience empathize with the young couple despite the brutal reality of cannibalism. His systematic targeting of victims over decades stands in stark contrast to Lee and Mullen’s impromptu, unplanned murder. The main reason why Sully can be a real character in the world bones and all Either way, his role in the film’s story hasn’t changed significantly. bones and all Sully’s role in the film’s story is not necessarily fictional, so this theory could complicate an otherwise simple story.

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