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Like many horror movies, Smile The main and supporting characters are all familiar faces, but they’re not really familiar names. See how the actors balance their characters’ impending doom with the terrifying unknowns surrounding mental health Smileit’s worth knowing who they are and what they’ve done before.

Smilebelong to parallel lines ring But by focusing on the subjective experience of trauma, it adds a unique twist to the subgenre of contagious curses. The film tells the story of a therapist who faces a smile curse passed on to her by her patients. The smiling image is a smart idea for a horror movie theme, as this expression is often associated with happiness, but in Smileserves as a serious warning to individuals exposed to it.

Focus on powerful top performance, Smile With the cast, the audience can know the popular TV show more than other movies. Not only the debut work of writer and director Parker Finn, Smile This is also the first big screen work for some of these actors. Below is a reference guide to each of the main and supporting actors and their roles Smile and where viewers may have seen them before.

Sosie Bacon as Dr. Rose Cotter

Sosie Bacon starred in her first feature film SmileThe main character, Dr. Ross Cotter. The character is a therapist who works in a psychiatric ward and deals with a mysterious entity that feeds on the wounds of its victims. Smile Praised by many, including Stephen King. Previously, she appeared in the series 13 reasons why, here and now, Drugs: MexicoAnd Easttown’s mare.

Jessie T. Usher as Trevor

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Jessie T. Usher plays Trevor, Rose’s fiancé. While viewers may recognize the actor from Amazon’s A-Train boys, He is no stranger to the big screen, having played the same roles as Independence Day: revival and in 2019 axis. Usher has had other big-screen roles, including upgrade, Survivor’s Regret, criminal psychology, And Zombie stories.

Kyle Gallner as JoelSmile Cast & Character Guide 3Smile Cast & Character Guide 4

Kyle Gallner as Joel, Ross’s old confidant SmileThe character is also a cop, which gives Rose the resources she needs to track down her curse. Galner is no stranger to horror films, having co-starred in Jennifer’s body, haunted Connecticutthis Nightmare on Elm Street Redo and 2022 screaming. His other works include the Interrogation, outsiderAnd american dinner.

supporting actors and smiling characters

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Robin Weigert as Dr. Madeline Northcott – Rose’s healer and one of many forms the entity uses Smile. Robin wigert is best known for his role in the TV series son of anarchywestern program dead wood, and many seasons American Horror Story.

Caitlin Stasey as Laura Weaver – The Doctor who passed the curse on to Dr. Ross Cotter’s student. Caitlin Stacey to play lookalike in Parker Finn .’s 2020 short film Laura is still awakeIN Smile based. she also starred in when the war begins tomorrow and can be seen in the cast of the following movies all the cheerleaders are dead And I, Frankenstein.

Rob Morgan as Roscoe Talley – a prisoner who is the only survivor of the curse. Rob Morgan is best known for playing Turk on Netflix’s Marvel shows, including reckless And Luke’s cage. and more videos like don’t look up, dirty worldAnd Bullswho also played Hawkins Cop in the popular Netflix show strange things.

Kal Penn as Dr. Morgan Desai – Rose’s boss in psychiatry. Kal Penn’s biggest roles include Harold and Kumar movie franchise and dr. Lawrence Kuttner on the show MD’s house. Since assuming the position of White House Assistant, Smile co-stars in the show designated survivor And transparent Next to the star in the upcoming Disney+ show Santa Claus.

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