Stranger Things: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Vecna As A Character

Stranger Things: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Vecna As A Character - networth, wiki, biography, myanimelive
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Like the vines that covered the old Creel houses, Vecna ​​took over strange thingsturns out to be one of the sexiest and most evil villains Eleven and her friends have ever encountered. Despite his desire to destroy Hawkins and everyone in it, fans are still disgusted by the gruesome horror based on the infamous character of the same name. Dungeons and Dragons.

Since the premiere of Season 4, Vecna ​​has been the subject of memes, with fans documenting their loyalty, illustrating the depth of his crimes, or simply celebrating the verse. The story ties the new character to everything that’s happened to Hawkins since the Ascend Rift. has been created.

he is an iconic screen villain

Because of his appearances in great scenes and hunting down people’s deepest insecurs, Vecner has been compared to Freddy Krueger and Pennywise the Clown, despite his TV villains and other cinematic, less obvious similarity to Vikner.

Thanks to the low, explosive voice actor Jamie Campbell Bower brings to Vecna’s performance, the meme also pairs him with iconic villain Darth Vader. Vader, best known for the powerful baritone of James Earl Jones, Darth Vader. Although he borrows elements from other famous villains, Wakener’s personality, looks, and voice are a successful combination that makes him uniquely memorable.

he was made by eleven men

One of the most exciting moments in an already dramatic season saw Eleven and One on opposite sides, leading to an epic battle that saw One through. the walls of the Rainbow House and to another dimension. There, his body transforms until it becomes like Vecna, an evil and evil shell.

This meme incorporates a sentimental scene Obi-Wan Kenobi During the confrontation between Eleven and One, Darth Vader, the cyborg who was the result of a duel between his former owners a decade earlier, tells Kenobi that he alone is responsible for his grief. horror that he has become. He wouldn’t have been reincarnated into the galactic scourge if the Jedi Master hadn’t abandoned him after his body was scarred.

he has a lot of pain inside

During their confrontation, One shared with Eleven some snippets of his upbringing as Henry Krill, who disagrees with and dislikes his father’s deplorable actions in the previous fight. here and his mother’s hypocrisy. He wants people to be honest about who he really is, but he’s warned about his unique abilities and ends up being researched and tested by his father.

Thrust alone into the upside-down world, his rage becomes too great as he waits for his chance to exact revenge on Eleven and anyone who gets in his way. While Vecna ​​is an evil being, there may still be some humanity in him, buried under decades of grief and anger.

He thrives on the trauma of his victims

When Vecna ​​begins to hunt down Hawkins’ teenagers, he specifically targets those who feel extremely ashamed and guilty about past hurts. Their burden is like a siren song, and he creeps into their minds until they have no choice but to submit, at which point he will destroy them and absorb themselves. their substance.

In this meme, he seems to have severed the connection he made with Will in season 1 and gets caught up in Max Mayfield’s emotional pain. After her brother’s death, she exhibited severe depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, all of which led Vecna ​​to think she was weak enough to be devoured.

He retains the victim’s memories and abilities

As Vecna ​​sarcastically explains to Nancy Wheeler, he doesn’t forget his murders. Every victim he kills is stored in his mind, from their memories to whatever abilities they may have. Even though their bodies were no longer there, they somehow continued to exist as part of his consciousness.

Since Chrissy was the first of many victims, the meme imagines the kind of “power” Vecna ​​could get from the cheerleader, dressing him in her soul suit, complete with pompoms. Maybe season 5 will bring a win for Vecna ​​to really cheer on.

he was created by father

Fans have noticed Vecna’s short temper, which is only exacerbated when he is studied by his father at Hawkins National Laboratory. As Henry Creel, he begins to feel superior to those around him because of his abilities, a situation that only seems to get worse when Dr. Brenner later makes a big fuss about them.

While it’s hard to imagine Vecna ​​being particularly cute, this fun-sized version of the meme definitely makes him look a lot less intimidating than usual. However, ten-year-old Henry Krell was evil so even a baby Vecna ​​could be a huge threat.

he used to be a

Eagle-eyed fans who know where to look have found all the hidden details Vecna ​​is expected to reveal, but that doesn’t make it any less heart-pounding. The kind-hearted orderly person who helped Eleven escape from the Hawkins National Laboratory turns out to be the very creature she fought years later.

In a Buzzfeed interview, Jamie Campbell-Bower once joked that if fans can’t handle him in his Vecna, then they don’t deserve to see him in his One. , hinting that in terms of the character he’s interested in, Evil Vecna, and more, Angelic One is a complete package and fans are sure to love all that each product has to offer.

Music is the only defense against Vecna

To survive an argument with Vecna, Max must listen to her favorite song, thus breaking his grip on her soul. This prompted fans to create their own memes, including songs they would listen to to avoid being killed by Vecna.

The meme relates to Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” which features the avant-garde singer turning her hands into a Vecna-like “claw” shape as she prepares to absorb her victim.

Vecna ​​is very fond of herself

Although it is largely faithful to its source material, strange things It’s true that there’s something missing about Varna, but research and development Provides a rich base to understand his origins. One of the villain’s most notable qualities is his obsession with immortality and his quest for power.

Even before being a Vecna strange things, he is a powerful man, he wants to use his ability to reshape the world to his own design with Eleven. Just because his appearance has changed and is barely human, doesn’t mean he still has no intention of making Hawkins his own personal playground.

he is part of the hive mind

from strange things It starts with the concept of subversive existence because the hive mind is so established that it is assumed that Hopper killing a demogorgon in Russia in season 4 will still affect the Vecna ​​living underneath Hawkins, but it seems that’s not the case. case. Now that season 5 is upon us, fans have had a lot of speculation about Vecna ​​and how he will exact revenge on Eleven and her friends.

Killing protesters, demodogs, and burning his vines seem to have a debilitating effect on Vecna ​​when he’s near Hawkins, but who knows what he’ll unleash now? It will take more than that to weaken the mind and any other deadly creatures that fans have yet to see.

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