Swarmz fights two robbers in viral gas station brawl

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British rapper and boxer Swarmz is going viral after fighting off two robbers at a gas station who apparently wanted his watch.

The world of boxing’s influence grows stronger as more and more creative people step into the ring to showcase their skills.

Among the many TikTokers, YouTubers and their boxing glove-wearing streamers are names that regularly appear on influential boxing events like Jake Paul, KSI and Tommy Fury.

British rapper, former footballer and current boxer Brandon ‘Swarmz’ Scott is one of these influencers, who notably faced off against KSI in August 2022.

He has competed in a total of three boxing matches with a 1-2 record, not including the survivor tag match on Misfits Series 008… and luckily for him, it seems like all this experience has helped comes in handy when he needs combat sports skills outside of the ring.

Swarmz fights off two robbers in a viral gas station confrontation

On September 13, a video was uploaded to Twitter showing Swarmz at a gas station fending off an alleged robber.

According to the caption posted by happy punch, The robber seems to be watching – and that robber is not alone.

Later in the video, another man wearing a dark hoodie runs up to Swarmz and trips and falls to the ground, after which Swarmz punches him in the face.

Based on the video, it appears that Swarmz definitely had the upper hand as one of the robbers fled the scene. So far, Swarmz has not publicly commented on the video – but fans are applauding his skills.

“The kick clearly tripped the second guy up and he took him down on the ground really well,” one fan wrote on X. “He should practice MMA!”

“I won’t use the L word anymore,” said another. “They went to the wrong place.”

Still others wonder if the video is fake – but for now, it seems many are convinced it is.

This is not the first time a highly influential person has been said to be present during a recent spat. In fact, a video went viral on Twitter after fans believed YouTuber Markiplier got into a street fight (but it wasn’t actually him).

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