Tại sao ‘long bào’ của Hoàng đế Trung Quốc không bao giờ được giặt?

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The Chinese Emperor’s dragon robe is a special type of clothing, symbolizing the power of the leader, so it cannot be cleaned in the usual way.

In China’s feudal dynasty, the Emperor was the supreme being and had a noble status, so all the utensils the Emperor used were precious. In particular, the Emperor’s dragon robe is the most noble robe in the world, symbolizing the authority of the emperor.

Tại sao ‘long bào’ của Hoàng đế Trung Quốc không bao giờ được giặt? 1Tại sao ‘long bào’ của Hoàng đế Trung Quốc không bao giờ được giặt? 2The Emperor’s robe is the most noble garment in the world

The reason it is called the dragon robe is because it has a dragon image on it, the symbol of the Emperor. On the dragon robe are embroidered with 9 dragons: 2 dragons on both shoulders, 1 dragon on the back, 1 dragon covering the lining of the shirt, 1 dragon covering the hem of the shirt, 4 small dragons on the bottom. tie shirt.

Regarding this issue, rich men and scientists explain that the ancients often called the emperors “true dragons of heaven, nine-five supreme beings”. Calling the Emperor “nine five colors” is because ancient arithmetic divided negative numbers from positive numbers, even was negative, odd was positive. Among positive numbers, number 9 is the largest, number 5 is in the middle. The word “cuu” (number 9) is in harmony with the word “cuu” (long lasting), meaning everlasting, eternal, ten thousand generations. That’s why he used the word “nine five colors” to refer to the supreme nobility of the emperor, the king of heaven and the king, and the eternal life without boundaries.

In addition to the nine dragons above, there are also small dragon images on the collar, waist and cuffs, and countless limited lines under the dragon robe called “water legs”, which not only represent endless luck but also The meaning is “unifying the country”, “forever peaceful”.

With these meanings, the dragon robe is only worn by the emperor during important national ceremonies such as the investiture ceremony, the Nam Giao altar ceremony (sacrifice to heaven), the Xa Tac altar ceremony (sacrifice to the earth). ), the ceremony to worship the Tong Mieu (ancestral sacrifice), the ceremony to receive the envoys…

Most dragon robes will be yellow, however each dynasty will rely on the yin and yang five elements to determine which color is the most noble. During the Qin Dynasty and the Western Han Dynasty, the dragon robe was black; During the Han Dynasty, Emperor Wen’s ao dai changed to yellow; The long robe of the Jin, Song, and Ming dynasties was red… Many later dynasties also used yellow as their symbolic color. The image of the yellow robe has become familiar through historical films.

Tại sao ‘long bào’ của Hoàng đế Trung Quốc không bao giờ được giặt? 3Tại sao ‘long bào’ của Hoàng đế Trung Quốc không bao giờ được giặt? 4Chinese emperors in movies.

Because it is the Emperor’s noble robe, the implementation process will be very elaborate. The materials used to make dragon robes must be chosen from the best, soft, comfortable materials such as silk, silk, brocade… usually top-quality fabrics. The pattern and folds had to receive approval from the emperor and his court officials before being allowed to complete the pattern which would then be transferred to the silk making tools.

Once the fabric is complete, a craftsman will cut the fabric and will pass it on to the next craftsman to complete the rough part of the ao dai. Finally, the shirt will be embroidered with many elaborate motifs with premium thread, and will even be made from real gold, precious stones, pearls and priceless emerald powder.

Because it is mainly handmade with many stages, it takes the craftsmen 3 years to complete a single ao dai. Rest assured, the royal architect also had a specialized tailor to dress the king and royal family.

Tại sao ‘long bào’ của Hoàng đế Trung Quốc không bao giờ được giặt? 5Tại sao ‘long bào’ của Hoàng đế Trung Quốc không bao giờ được giặt? 6Chinese emperors wear ao dai on important occasions. (Photo from the movie Nhu Y’s Imperial Palace).

The Emperor’s royal robe has regulations for fat management. The store that keeps the royal robes and changes the king’s clothes is guaranteed by professionals, so it will also avoid dangerous storage that can cause damage or wear and tear.

One of the strictest legal regulations in protecting dragon robes is that washing with water is not allowed. In the Royal Palace, all clothes and items in the palace are provided and killed at Hoan Y Department. Those who kill dogs at Hoan Y Cuc are people with extremely dangerous statuses.

Meanwhile, the king’s robe is the most noble garment, and cannot be convenient for those with “inappropriate” status. Washing light means insulting the royal family.

Furthermore, making a piece of dragon robe is extremely complicated. Although the designs and graphics on the shirts are different in each dynasty, they all have one thing in common: using extremely rare materials. Therefore, it is not convenient to use water to wash, it will easily damage the shirt.

The dragon robe is sprayed with a special type, so when it touches water, it will be washed away and completely lose its shine, no longer bright and brilliant. In addition, the dragon embroidery paintings are easily deformed after cleaning. . Therefore, the method of cleaning the royal robe used by the royal palace is to use aromatherapy to steam, avoid damage and keep the robe always clean. However, this method can only remove odors but cannot remove some wounds on the ao dai.

Basically, ao dai does not cause injury because of its low frequency of use. The emperor only wore it on important occasions. Normally, during the court, it is not necessary to wear dragon robes. The shirt used for everyday wear is called a lazy shirt. Therefore, in a year the Emperor can only wear the dragon robe once.

Furthermore, the dragon robe is an outer coat, inside the Emperor has to wear another coat. Therefore, the lifespan of a long robe is very long because of the use of high quality materials plus low frequency of use, so a long robe can be worn for many years.

In many dynasties, to show the highest nobility, the dragon robe, even after being worn out, would no longer be used, but would be replaced by a new one. In the palace, there are usually more than 2,000 slaves weaving dragon robes for the Emperor all year round.

Therefore, the Emperor does not have only one dragon robe. Ao Dai is also divided into many types and has regulations on fat in use. In each specific case, the Emperor wore a certain type of dragon robe, and even changed a few sets of dragon robes on some days.

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