The OnlyFans model claims Ukraine tried to take her smuggled weapons

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An OnlyFans and Instagram model offered her services as an “emotional support stripper” to Ukrainian soldiers after being asked by the country at war with Russia to smuggle weapons .

Fan-Pei Koung, 33, launched her OnlyFans in July after growing her Instagram to around 53K, where she models sexy clothes as a “free agent.”

Koung first launched her OnlyFans page to raise money for her humanitarian work in Ukraine, but she also offers more than just monetary services, as she recently promoted herself as a “ strippers providing moral support” to soldiers in Ukraine.

Although she built her platform essentially to be a self-proclaimed escort, Koung also has strong ties to Ukraine, saying she would “die” for the country to have been at war with Russia in over a year, despite them allegedly asking her to do so. smuggle weapons to them.

OnlyFans model claims Ukrainians are “silently bullying her”

Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022. The two sides had been at war since 2014, but the 2022 invasion reignited their brutal feud, leaving thousands dead on each side.

Even though the war started over a year ago, OnlyFans and Instagram model, Koung, launched her OnlyFans page in July to raise money for Ukraine as she provides free content specifically for soldiers and Ukrainian volunteers.

Not only that, Koung also acts as an emotional support escort for soldiers who ‘need’ her, as she said on Instagram, “I’m a sexy girl in Ukraine who wants to volunteer and have may participate.”

However, in her most recent efforts, she claimed that the mafia asked her to smuggle weapons across the border, she said: “The mafia asked me to smuggle weapons for them. How much do I ask? The Ukrainian psychiatrist stood next to me with his team and made me handwrite a letter swearing that I would never say anything bad had happened.”

Koung went on to explain that ‘controlling’ it all reminded her of her own family, saying: “Just like my mother used to – the Ukrainians are bullying me into silence.”

Koung also posted on IG a question for her followers: “Why do I have so much sex in Ukraine?” She answered herself: “When people are hurt, some volunteers think: ‘They need help. They need furniture.” While I’m thinking, ‘This person needs love and sex.’ I might as well be projecting.”

It is unclear how many soldiers Koung offered her “emotional support,” however, she continued to promote her services online. Koung also did not comment on how much OnlyFans money she might donate to her beloved country, Ukraine.

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