This viral Dunkin’ Donuts drink order has as much sugar as 14 donuts

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After Dunkin’ Donuts added fall flavors to its menu, one TikToker went viral for sharing their incredibly sweet pumpkin coffee drink.

Get your boots, your favorite sweaters, and your taste buds ready because the flavors of fall are upon us! It’s not only a time for classic seasonal flavors but also new ones, as places like Dunkin’ Donuts have added to their beverage and bakery options.

While Dunkin’ Donuts is famous for pumpkin spice, iced chai lattes, and anything fall-delicious, one of their pumpkin-flavored coffee options has caused a stir on TikTok about the amount of sugar it contains.

Sure, it may only come around once a year, but what about the sugar in the delicious beverage? Well, one TikToker took the time to look at the label of a particular Dunkin drink that includes 14 glazed donuts that have the right amount of sugar… that’s right, not one, not two, but 14 donuts !

Unsplash: lucaDunkin’ Donuts has a large frozen pumpkin drink that has as much sugar as 14 glazed donuts.

A large pumpkin-shaped frozen coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts has 1,000 calories and 46 teaspoons of sugar.

For fans of coffee and all things pumpkin spice, you’re in luck because Dunkin’ Donuts is finally adding fall flavors to their menu options.

There are signature pumpkin spice lattes, nutty pumpkin coffees, and of course, pumpkin swirls. However, for a pumpkin swirl drink, those who try it may end up in an ultimate sugar coma, as the frozen coffee drink includes 14 glazed donuts with its sugar content.

Not only that, the large pumpkin swirl frozen coffee also contains 185 grams of sugar, equivalent to 46 teaspoons. It’s also limited to a staggering 1000 calories.

Because the amount of sugar in Dunkin’s popular fall drink is staggering, a TikToker named Flavcity explained the health implications of the pumpkin swirl. In his viral video, he can be heard asking, “Who thought it was a good idea to put this on the menu?”

Flavcity then went on to talk about the amount of sugar in frozen coffee drinks while a box of 14 glazed donuts sat next to show viewers just how unhealthy the sugar ratio is.

People who watched Flavcity’s online video about Dunkin’s sugary fall drink turned to the comments section in surprise, saying, “My jaw dropped,” as well as “How did companies put this on their menu legally?”

Others found it funny that Flavcity reviewed Dunkin’s drinks while sitting inside their store, saying, “He rated Dunkin’ Donuts while still sitting in the store,” as well as, “ Doing that inside Dunkin Donuts is legendary.”

While the large pumpkin swirl frozen coffee contains all that sugar, the small one does not. So if one is still craving Dunkin’ Donuts’ favorite fall flavors and is afraid of consuming too much sugar or cannot do so for health reasons, go for the smaller option!

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