Twilight Saga: 10 Memes Fans Of The Cullen Family Will Love

Twilight Saga: 10 Memes Fans Of The Cullen Family Will Love - networth, wiki, biography, myanimelive
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this Sunset Having gained so many fans over the years, most fans can say with certainty that they adore Karen’s entire family. This powerful family of vampires has won the hearts of fans with their kindness and generosity towards Bella Swan, proving them to be a loyal and wonderful character.

This vampire family had great moments, whether they were comedians or fighting destructive vampires, they always did good and protected their loved ones. Read on to see 10 memes that any fan of the Cullen family will love!

before edward met bella

This hilarious meme shows what Karen’s family life was like before they had all the family members. Carlisle, who changed Esme, who changed Edward, gradually began to build their family one by one. This humorous meme shows Edward’s life before his siblings and Bella appeared. Edward has been a third for Carlisle and Esme, and fans can only wonder what life will be like. This ridiculous meme is something all loyal fans will understand. Thankfully, it wasn’t long before the rest of the Cullen family came together.

Cover of Carlisle and Esme

This hilarious meme points to the Cullen family’s constantly shrouded antics. Karen’s family, often forced to relocate, has moved to a new place to start their lives anew. As all fans know, the two brothers attended another high school and Carlisle was a doctor. The plan works in theory, but this hilarious meme shows the humorous side of their disguise scheme, as the couple looks so young and their beautiful adopted child looks so old. Regardless, their plans always seem to work!

keep pretending

This hilarious meme explains the bella family’s attempt to pretend to be human in sunset awakens dawn, the time when vampires masquerade as humans is actually quite harsh. Constantly moving the shoulders up and down to give the illusion that they were breathing, having to fidget, crossing their legs, etc was actually a challenge for Bella to reproduce. This hilarious meme shows how far Cullens had to go, joking about Esme pulling out the couch when someone came to Cullen’s house.

Carlisle and Esme’s adorable parenting style

Although Carlisle and Esme Cullen are not the biological parents of their children, they certainly take on the role and are very supportive and always leading the family in the right direction. Carlisle and Esme’s love for their children is so sweet and the way they welcome Bella into their family is just one of the reasons why fans love the couple so much.

This meme is really cute, but it humorously shows the irony as little Karen goes to high school over and over again, always getting the support of her parents again and again.

the kardashian

The hilarious meme mocks the Kardashians and compares the Karen family to the iconic reality TV family. The Cullen family is definitely different from this famous family, although their good looks and distinct personalities are very similar to these reality TV stars. The fact that they’re immortal, they both date and date each other, and are sure to find themselves in a variety of dramatic situations, would really make for some great reality TV shows. This meme, along with the perfect photo of the Karen family standing together, made the meme even more hilarious. Loyal fans of the Cullen family will find this meme hilarious!

Bella’s Birthday Party

This ridiculous meme perfectly embodies all of the Karen family’s reactions to Bella’s famous scene during her birthday celebration at Karen’s house. In one scene The Twilight Saga: New MoonIn the film, Bella cuts her hand while opening a present, and Jasper, unable to contain his thirst, tries to attack Bella, causing her to be thrown against the wall by Edward, who tries to protect her. Though his attempts to help were unsuccessful as Bella was only injured worse and bleeding more than before. This dramatic scene is what caused Edward to drop Bella in that movie, and it’s beautifully reflected in this meme.

third round in a row

Cullen family fans are sure to be a bit heartbroken that Edward Cullen has been a third in hundreds of years, but this meme is reminiscent of him being alone between siblings and married parents, bit funny. Edward is the third wheel since Carlisle created him. Having to deal with Carlisle and Esme, then his siblings, the family probably felt bad for poor Edward. At least he finally has a happy ending with Bella, and the Cullens are happy about that.

their reaction to bella

Thanks to the Cullens, Edward is sure to be happy to bring Bella home for the first time. Each of the Cullens makes the situation awkward in their own way, and this meme clearly reflects that.

Whether Alice admits that Bella smells good or Rosalie breaks the bowl because Edward tells the family Bella won’t eat the meal they’ve prepared for her, the whole interaction is incredibly hilarious. Every member of the Cullen family makes it funny in their own way, and this meme captures that hilarious scene perfectly.

their support for edward

Although various members of the Cullen family were more skeptical than others about Edward and Bella being together, the family eventually changed their mind and supported Edward. Their unwavering support is incredibly sweet and the way they almost immediately welcomed Bella Swan into their family is truly heartwarming. These gestures of support show how much they care about Edward’s health and want the best for him. This meme explains why Edward asked for their support when he told them about Bella, and is sure to delight any fan. Sunset laugh.

their honeymoon

This hilarious meme reflects the Cullen family’s reaction to Bella and Edward’s honeymoon. Although the movie, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1Without fully explaining whether Cullens knew what Bella and Edward’s traditional honeymoon really was like, the meme joked about his reaction if Carlisle knew. While in typical Carlisle style he might be supportive of the newlyweds’ romantic vacation plans, this meme is actually hilarious, all fans Sunset Karen’s family will love this fun!

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