What Did Tyler Childers Say About His In Your Love Video, and What is the Story?

What Did Tyler Childers Say About His In Your Love Video, and What is the Story? - networth, wiki, biography, myanimelive
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Tyler Childers, the American singer-songwriter, shares the inspiration behind his gay love story music video in an NPR interview. 
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Who is Tyler Childers?    

Timothy Tyler Childers, born on June 21, 1991, is an American singer-songwriter known for his unique blend of neotraditional country, bluegrass, and folk music. His breakthrough album, “Purgatory,” was released in August 2017, catapulting him to prominence in the music industry. Since then, he has gone on to release five studio albums, as well as several EPs and singles.

Born and raised in Lawrence County, Kentucky, Tyler Childers grew up in a family where his father worked in the coal industry and his mother was a nurse. His early exposure to music came through singing in the church choir, nurturing his passion for singing from a young age. At around 13 years old, he began playing the guitar and writing songs, which laid the foundation for his future career as a musician.

After attending Paintsville High School in Johnson County, Kentucky, he graduated in 2009. Notably, Johnson County has produced other notable country musicians, including Chris Stapleton, Loretta Lynn, and Crystal Gayle.

Childers pursued further education, studying briefly at Western Kentucky University and enrolling in Bluegrass Community and Technical College for a few semesters. However, he eventually chose to drop out of college and focus on his music aspirations, working odd jobs to support himself while pursuing his music career.

Tyler Childers’ music has resonated with audiences due to its authentic and soulful storytelling, drawing inspiration from his roots in Kentucky and his experiences in life. His evocative lyrics and heartfelt performances have garnered him a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim within the country and folk music scenes.


Tyler Childers

Real Name

Timothy Childers




Singer, Songwriter, and Musician

Date of Birth

June 21, 1991


32 years old


Lawrence County, Kentucky


5 ft 10 inch


68 Kg



Net Worth 2022

$4 million

What Did Tyler Childers Say About His In Your Love Video?

Childers revealed in an interview with NPR that the inspiration behind his decision to narrate a gay love story stemmed from his personal connection with his cousin, whom he considers to be like a big brother to him. His cousin is openly gay, and their close relationship has been a significant influence on Childers’ artistic journey.

According to Childers, his cousin played a pivotal role in shaping his singing abilities. Acting as a mentor and a tough critic, he provided valuable feedback and guidance during Childers’ early stages as a singer. The support and honest evaluations from his cousin have had a profound impact on Childers’ growth as a musician.

“He taught me so much about singing; he was my first tough critic, And just thinking about him not having a music video on CMT that spoke to him.”

Through the experience of having a close family member who is gay, Childers has gained a deeper understanding of the challenges and joys that the LGBTQ+ community faces in their lives and relationships. This understanding led him to feel compelled to tell a gay love story, using his platform as an artist to shed light on the diversity of human experiences and to foster empathy and acceptance.

By sharing his cousin’s influence on his life and music, Childers seeks to bring a more profound and personal dimension to the gay love story he intends to tell. Through his artistry, he aims to break barriers and contribute to a more inclusive and understanding society. By portraying authentic and relatable LGBTQ+ characters in his work, he hopes to contribute positively to the ongoing movement for LGBTQ+ representation and equal rights.

What is the Story Behind Tyler Childers In Your Love Song?

Country music singer Tyler Childers has released a poignant new music video that has deeply touched the hearts of country fans. The video, titled “In Your Love,” tells a tragic gay love story that resonates with audiences and evokes strong emotions.

The narrative revolves around two coal miners working in Appalachia, who find love amidst the challenging circumstances of their occupation. They decide to purchase a farmhouse together and support one another as they face homophobic attacks from their colleagues and fellow residents in their rural town.

The story takes a heartbreaking turn when one of the miners falls ill, presumably due to the hazardous working conditions in the coal mines. The video beautifully portrays the resilience and strength of their love despite the adversities they encounter.

As word spread about the video, fans expressed their emotional responses on various social media platforms. Many shared how the video moved them to tears, with comments like, “Tyler is out here making grown men cry at 9 am on a Thursday” and “This is going to rock the country world!”

In an interview with NPR, Tyler Childers explained that he drew inspiration for this gay love story from his own personal connection with his gay cousin, who holds a special place in his life as a mentor and supporter. He expressed a desire to create a music video that would resonate with his cousin and others in the LGBTQ+ community, who often lack representation in the country music genre and media like CMT.

The representation of a gay love story in country music holds immense significance for fans who have felt marginalized within the genre. Many expressed their gratitude for seeing a story that reflects their own experiences and emotions, set to a country song.

For some, it was a powerful affirmation of their identity and a validation of their love for a genre that hasn’t always been inclusive. Others highlighted the importance of showcasing queer representation in rural areas, recognizing the lack of visibility for LGBTQ+ individuals in such settings.

What is The Story Behind Tyler Childers New Album?

Country music artist Tyler Childers has engaged in deep contemplation about the concept of being an ally. Recognizing the importance of using his platform responsibly, he believes it is crucial to stand up for and support important causes, even if one may not personally experience the same struggles faced by others.

This newfound conviction emerged during a period of self-reflection when he, along with his wife Senora and their newborn son, was sequestered at home in Kentucky amid the Black Lives Matter movement and the pandemic. Witnessing the nationwide protests and societal challenges prompted him to articulate his beliefs more explicitly through his music.

His journey as an artist dedicated to social themes began with the release of “Long Violent History,” a bluegrass album that includes a powerful anthem condemning racial injustice. Subsequently, in a triple album with his band The Food Stamps titled “Can I Take My Hounds To Heaven?,” Childers fearlessly confronted religious intolerance while celebrating the joy of worship.

Now, as he announces his upcoming album “Rustin’ In The Rain,” set to be released on September 8, Childers remains determined to express his perspectives with greater clarity than ever before.

He collaborates with his close friend, acclaimed author and Kentucky poet laureate Silas House, for the music video of his latest song, “In Your Love.” The video narrates an expansive and sweeping love story between two men, portrayed by gay Hollywood stars Colton Haynes and James Scully, set against the backdrop of a Kentucky holler.

This artistic choice is particularly bold, as it challenges the boundaries of his fan base, which spans diverse identities and political beliefs. However, Childers is resolute in his commitment to inclusivity and representation, recognizing that his art has the power to make a positive impact and foster understanding.

During an interview in Nashville, both Childers and House discussed their friendship, shared dedication to portraying rural life authentically in their art, and their inspiration from ’90s country music videos that brought them together for this collaboration.

House succinctly encapsulated the essence of Childers’ allyship, emphasizing that seeing oneself represented in the world can serve as a powerful antidote to shame and foster a sense of acceptance and belonging.

Through their creative collaboration and commitment to telling diverse and authentic stories, Childers and House are striving to create meaningful change and contribute to a more inclusive and empathetic society through the power of music and storytelling.

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