What is ‘Martini makeup’ on TikTok? The cocktail-inspired trend goes viral

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The latest beauty trend taking over TikTok is called ‘Martini Makeup’. Here’s everything you need to know about this latest cosmetic craze.

TikTok is home to the world’s next big trends — especially in fashion and makeup.

This summer alone, a series of fashions have appeared on the app; among them are the ‘summer tomato girl’ and ‘strawberry girl makeup’ aesthetics.

Now, a new craze is entering the fray and it offers a cooler, more chic alternative to the bright colors and summery atmosphere of the summer months. Stanislav IvanitskiyTikTok’s latest makeup craze is taking inspiration from Martini cocktails.

What is Martini makeup on TikTok?

The latest fad that is sweeping the makeup world is called ‘Martini Makeup’ or ‘Dirty Martini Makeup’. As described by TikToker’s beauty expert and ‘beautifoles’, it’s a “complete contrast” to the strawberry girl makeup that swept the app earlier this season.

Instead of focusing on reds and pinks, the martini look calls for a cool-toned look, with creased eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, and nude lips.

Other makeup artists have a different look, such as ‘zoekimkenealy’ which combines wrinkled eyeshadow with a bright red lip.

Still others are hitting sparkling olive green tones into their eyeshadows, as a clear allusion to the cocktail martini’s signature olive garnish.

Whichever way you decide to interpret the makeup trend, it’s certainly a complete alternative to the bright colors used on TikTok this summer… but not everyone is here to follow. this latest fashion.

Many commenters claim that they are exhausted from constantly ‘renaming’ old fads, while others just want to enjoy wearing makeup without turning things into ‘trends’.

“Martini makeup looks exactly like classic makeup trends: cut out wrinkles and create wings! How funny!” one user wrote.

“Why do we need to name things?” another asked.

Still, others are still trending towards more classic cocktails, with some even calling for ‘Moscow Mule Makeup’.

Now, it seems like the Martini makeup fad has gone viral, racking up more than 1.6 million views in the hashtag. We’ll have to see if TikTok decides to max it out and create the look for every cocktail out there.

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