What is the most expensive TikTok gift?

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There are many TikTok gifts you can give to creators, each costing a different amount of coins. But what is the most expensive TikTok gift?

TikTok is not just a space for viral dances and challenges, but also provides an ecosystem for creators to monetize their content and engage with their followers on a deeper level .

One of the ways to increase this engagement is through the feature of sending gifts to creators during live broadcasts. These virtual tokens, often represented by icons or animations, typically have a monetary cost but translate into real-world income for the creator.

There are many types of gifts available for purchase in the app, each of which carries a different symbolic and financial value. But there is one TikTok gift that surpasses the rest in terms of its grandeur and price.


What is the most expensive gift on TikTok?

The most expensive gift on TikTok is a universe worth 34,999 coins, or about $525 USD.

For creators, receiving a cosmic gift represents a significant financial boost as well as immense appreciation from their followers. However, it is entirely up to the user to decide whether the money is worth spending or not.

If you want to give a gift to a creator (whether it’s the universe or a much smaller gift like a rose), you’ll need to buy TikTok coins with real money first.

To do this, go to your profile, click the three lines, then go to ‘Settings and privacy’. Then, tap on the ‘Balance’ tab and tap on ‘Deposit’ next to your balance.

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