What is the trend of “someone cooking here” sound on TikTok?

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A new audio trend is taking TikTok by storm and it’s known as the “someone cooks here” trend. But what does it really mean? Here’s everything you need to know.

TikTok is one of the most widely used social media platforms, attracting millions of users every day who visit the app to share their own videos and browse content on their For Friends Page.

Over the years, many inside jokes and memes have appeared on the app, sparking new trends. This is becoming more and more powerful as users can use the same sounds to join certain trends.

A common audio trend is the “someone cooks here” sound, which has some disturbing music before hearing a man say, “Someone cooked here.”

That sound is from Breaking Bad season 4, episode 11, when Walter White (Bryan Cranston) realizes someone — in this case Jesse (Aaron Paul) — is cooking meth in the lab without him.

It was used in over 20,000 TikToks when a new trend was created on August 19. But what is this trend?

Mourizal Zativa / Bapt

What does the TikTok sound “someone cooks here” mean?

The account ritzecracker uploaded the audio on August 19 with a caption about using a leg stretch machine at the gym.

Since then, this sound has been used in similar ways to illustrate green flags or surprising behavior, in relationships or just for general things.

One TikTok viral person said: “When you walk into his room and he has four pillows, a blanket and the bed sheet is not navy.”

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Another TikTok said: “When I told my boyfriend I was going to make him watch 10 things I hate about you but he said he’s already seen it.”

“When he asked if I would wear standing jeans or sitting jeans,” another said.

Another TikTok user even put this trend to work for Starbucks when she said, “When my starbz tastes so good and I just know someone dropped their favorite frog mushroom, read the tarot, dyed their hair blue, they/themussy in it.”

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